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Random Monday

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Never been much into Skywatch Friday or Wordless Wednesday. I usually have my eyes on the ground, and way too many words to get down on Wednesdays. But every now and then I see something in the sky that makes me stop the car dead and say, "Hey! Look at the guy being dragged by his pet elephant!" My kids scratch their heads, realize that I must be talking about clouds again, and patiently look while I gesticulate and explain until they see the elephant guy too. I think it's good for their brains, keeping a watch for sky elephants and their hapless mahouts. Knowing that at any moment their mom could slam on the brakes and start speaking gibberish. Keeps them on their toes.

I don't know what made me lie down on the road to take this photo; I didn't intend to make an image of a giant Percheron eating the head off an innocent paw paw festival goer.
But there you have it. When draft horses attack. They nip off the talking end first and deal with the legs later.


Whoa--steer clear of those Percherons!
Very funny photo (and a great example of perspective--it is everything).

If perspective is reality, then that person is in trouble.
I love Percherons!

Oh, sure, they SAY they're herbivores...

Life--it's all about perspective!

Ha ha! And the other shoe dropped--or in this case the other Percheron photo. Thanks for it!

They're just nuzzling--they won't hurt you, little people.

Yeah, Meg, that one was for you.

No, they won't hurt you, unless you are a carrot top...I kept Phoebe well away from them.

No matter their size, I love the Percherons. Wow - what a perspective!

You're too funny. Keep those kids thinking (and wondering about Mether).

Baaahahahahaha Julie! That's funny. Wonder what's for dessert?

Dessert? Probably Boston Cream Pie...

well, it beats having that black bar over your eyes when you're being photographed for a fashion faux pas
(I enlarged that picture and that outfit was definitely something *I* wouldn't wear out in public - meow!)

I can just imagine the flailing arms seconds after the draft horse picture. Too bad you missed that one.

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