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In Which Baker Goes to the Vet

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It is time for a Baker fix, don't you think? Chet Baker went to see Dr. Lutz not long ago for his vaccinations, in arrears since (gasp!) May. I had kind of a busy May. So along about early October I loaded Chet in the car for the drive to town. Chet Baker loves to go to the vet's office. He loves the vet techs and most of all he loves Dr. Lutz.

Chet whiles away the waiting time in the exam room by watching out the window, where dogs being boarded are taken for walks.
Mether. I see an animal. I am not sure if it is a cat or a skunk. It cannot be a dog.
Despite the flowing hair, Chet Baker, that is a dog. Maybe it is a Shih Tzu. I'm sure my readers will tell me if it isn't. Mether is German. So she is a short-haired dog sort of person, not up on the dustmoppy breeds.

That is a dog?? Get out of town. It looks like it needs to be chased, chased very fast until it runs up a tree or threatens to spray me.

Let's not do that again, Chet Baker.

Mether. I hear someone just outside the door. Maybe it is Dr. Lutz.
It is. It is! It is Dr. Lutz! Oh, boy!
I always forget how much I hate this table she puts me up on. But I will stay perfectly still for her, because she is my favorite.

She also has very good taste in dog posters. My forehead blaze is a little wider, but this handsome doggeh could almost be me.

Even though this exam table gives me doggeh shrinkage, I still love my Dr. Lutz.

As long as we're talking Bostons, take a look at this logo for The Ohio Tuition Trust Authority.
Bill of the Birds spotted this first and drew the blue arrow. I saw the logo before I saw his note, which read, "Is it just me, or does this logo look like a Boston terrier?" I grabbed the letter eagerly before realizing that it wasn't from the Dog Poster Talent Scouts, looking for my puppeh.


"Doggeh shrinkage" -- now there's a zickefoosism to try and fit into a conversation.

Though I am grateful beyond words for good vets, I hate the moment at the clinic that you've captured here: when the happy, confident, sleek little fellow slips into apprehension and fear. It's a good thing they rebound on the ride home!

Chet and the vet. Good writing, you bet!
None of our pets likes the vet--our dog hates the (ahem) rectal thermometer. Come to think of it, the cats hate that too. Hmmm-I think I can understand why.'s a pekanese...

It's so cute the way Chet's ears are straight up when he's watching out the window and then flat down on his head while he's being examined.
Thanks Julie, a Chet Baker fix with plenty of pictures was a much-needed distraction from all the election stuff.

I once spayed a 2 pound Yorshire Terrier (in full coat, not shaved down) and was afraid to leave her overnight, so I took her home with me. I set her up in a dog crate in my living room. My two dogs (not my current ones) circled the cage, sniffing, and then came over to me.

"What is it, Mom? What is it, huh? It smells like a dog, but it sure doesn't look like a dog!"

(The conversation when I brought a ferret home to recover post-op is not repeatable on a family blog.)


We like Dr. Lutz too. Great vet!

Marietta, Ohio

I admire him. He doesn't tremble or try to hide. I LOVE HIM.

He's so intelligent. Mether is German. Right on, Chet Baker!

He does too tremble, Mare. But the second the exam is over he is washing Dr. Lutz' face. And what I love is that she lets him!

I am a member of the More Germ Exposure is Good club.

KatDoc, Chet LOVES to go to We Luv (Heart?) Pets to get his Royal Canin chow because there are ferrets there in a Plexiglas box with holes in it. He stares fixedly at them, every cell on point. I have to pick him up, stiff as a board, and carry him away. If we think they're stinky, I can only imagine how intriguing they smell to a dog.

Forgot to say, having worked with Dr. Lutz for several months, I think she's great, too. Good vets have to have a lot of skills - good medicine, good surgical techniques, good people skills, good with animals. [In Dr. L's case, she also has to be tolerant of a blogging client, LOL!] Lori has it all going on, and if I was living in Marietta (and wasn't a vet myself) I would want her for my doggie doc!

~Kathi, wondering if Chet consulted his doctor about the tension in his butt

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