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Clever Grooming Salon Name: FAIL

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Well, that's one thing you can do with your old satellite deesh. Whipple, WV, on the way to the New River festival.

Coming back from the New River festival, I ventured into North Beckley, WV for my yearly hit of a trunkful of tony plants at the Greenbrier Nursery. Mmm. Got me a couple of tea roses that I'd always wanted: Chicago Peace (a vividly coral-pink sport of the famous Peace rose). Phoebe says it smells like a ripe apple, and she almost wants to bite into it. Chip off the ol' block.

Here's Blue Girl, who smells of attar of roses.
I always get lost on this nursery-finding venture, because Bill is headed home in the other car and I am left with my own pitiful sense of aimlessness to guide me. All the meandering was worth it, though, when I stopped for gas and found this sign across the street.

Definitely gonna book my party there. Why don't you OK YR PARTY HE, too?

I'm already feeling some nastalgia for the New River festival, and it's only been a couple of weeks ago. It's like nostalgia, but a little nasty.

Speaking of nasty: The real point of this post is to share another sign, this one from my own home state of Ohio, one that might be characterized either as refreshingly innocent or saucily audacious, depending on how it hits you.

I have no idea what the elephant has to do with it all, but the turgid red wiener font only adds to the ignominy. Way to go.

Thanks to Bill of the Birds, King of Irony, Sultan of Silliness, appreciator of Giant Roadside Things, for pointing this sign, and so many other wonderful things, out to me.


Do you remember an early 80s Coca Cola slogan "Coke adds life..."? It was prominently featured on the front panels of Coke machines. One of these was stationed outside the main entrance to the funeral home in Stephenville NL. I still regret not taking a picture.

Ha! Fantastic. The roses, the aimlessness (I have that affliction as well) and those fantawful signs!!

you say "fail" but check out the below "doggie styles" store in BEVERLY HILLS, CALIF. near Rodeo Drive! (in fact this turns out to be quite a common name for dog services/salon type operations -- google it!)

Yikes! Am I the only one who thinks that's blinkin' weird??

When we put up the arbor at the Providence house I did a lot of research and finally ordered a Zepherine Drouhin climber. The next year it was clear that what we got was a climbing Chicago Peace. Spectacular rose, but aggressive! - tried to attack anyone actually trying to get into the back garden. So, watch yourself!

Do they advertise "Parking in Rear?"

I miss New River too....pangs of homesickness even though my home is 450 miles away...


Omigosh, what a hoot, Julie! Reminds me of a photo I got once of a garage sale sign, with a big arrow...pointing directly into a huge cemetary!

I would patronize a place that groomed elephants (tee hee) if only to see the elephants.
(And my word verification is COWED--which I am not.)

it sounds like you had quite an adventure! I love to watch for signs when ever we travel. You can get a good laugh and it makes time pass quicker!

It seems the test of sign should be, "Can you read it?"
Or perhaps the strategy is, "Make 'em wonder?"

Because I'm sure those signs are getting much more mileage than the perfect ones just down the pike!

I LOVE me some unintended funny signs and that one (Nastalgia) is great. There was this one outside of a car repair shop in Hanover, Indiana that John and I still quote today. Under the name of the store, which I have forgotten, it said: "Where quality exceeds prices."

Makes ya think, doesn't it?

Uh-oh, don't tell me I managed to get you hooked on Fail blog...another way to burn a half-hour or so online!

Beautiful roses, Julie. Your Chicago Peace looks similar to our tea rose called Desert Peace. All of our roses just gave us the most beautiful and abundant display recently. Now they are in the midst of preparing to bloom again in the next couple of weeks.

A new salon in my neighborhood last summer was the "Dye n Style" (Die in style?). Nice. No weenee font, however!

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