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Morning Kisses

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I have shown you the all-out party at Opossum Creek. I wish I could convey how much fun it was to have most of our band there. Not to mention the fabulous Flock. Here I am with my beloved Timmo Ryan, who blogs beautifully at From the Faraway, Nearby.

We think we might be cosmic twins.

Photo by Mary's View.

The aftermath of the gig... Here's Chet, wearing the ChetCam, completely done in after partying until midnight with all the revelers.

I am sorry to say that the ChetCam, which is featured in this photo along with the lovely and talented Katdoc, has spontaneously crapped out through no fault of the photographer. I think the manufacturer is counting on the thing falling off the dog's collar and getting lost before it craps out, so tenuous is the clip. (He's shaken it off five times, and somehow we've found it each time). You'll have to put up with my lousy photography until I can get it replaced (I doubt there's much fixing it). Anybody know of a better dogcam out there? It was such a tantalizing little taste of what he could do with his new art form...

It was kind of a tight squeeze in our cabin, El Gordo. Lots of bodies, air mattresses, people strewn about. Just exactly what Chet Baker loves. He bedhopped starting at the first wood thrush song, just as light was creeping under the shades.

Andy and Clay are trying to deflate an air mattress by applying their manweight.
Enter Chet Baker.
I will kiss you and kiss you and kiss you again.

And then I will kiss you some more. There is no getting away from me, Chet Baker. I am the kissing bandit. I kiss girls, boys, children, bass players, drummers, singers, guitarists, the infirm and the elderly alike.

Now you know you have been kissed, Andy Hall. I am sorry about your glasses, but I have to roo now.

Clay donned protective gear, a stuffsack toque.

And fended Chet off with a chewbone and a mummy bag.

But Vinnie didn't seem to mind a few Baker kisses.

Just a quick poll--was there anyone who attended the New River Swinging Orangutangs party who did not get a kiss from Chet Baker? I think he hit everyone, but you never know...We can try to remedy that next year. There will be a sign-up sheet at registration.


I was kissed. Eyeglasses and all... :o) But I bribed him with toys and food.

Getting a kiss from Chet Baker is in the top ten on my bucket list.

Chet Baker is hilarious...a kissing fool! I laughed out loud at the pictures.

Quite a lover, that little guy of yours!

Yup - I got kissed all right. Right smack dab on the lips. And what a kiss it was!


I get French kisses from my boy, neener, neener, neener!

~Kathi, disturbingly pleased by this

That reminds me of a song “I kissed a dog and I liked it, taste of his” ……
Glad you put El Gordo to good use the festival ended with a bang thanks to the swinging orangutans
Next year let’s start the music earlier and end it later.

Yess, Mr. Heeter. I like the way you think.

Wendi, you simply must free yourself to attend next year. Chet insists, and so do I.

KatDoc, I am sure you observed that Chet does not merely slurp people. He kisses, and he is quite talented. You haven't lived until you have had one of his nibblekisses. There's always next year.

Look at you and Tim! You both are so dern cute! I could just smoosh your faces together and go "ooogie ooogie ooogie...".
I also got French-kissed by Chet.
"Man, he kisses like a human! Puts suction on it!"
I second Geoff's suggestion. Rock earlier..and longer.
More cowbell!

That was too damn funny! I laughed right out loud. "The elderly and the infirm alike..." HA! Sweet La is so tolerant. :)

Oh, how I wish I could been in two places at once that weekend. I missed my band.

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