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For a Deer

Monday, August 10, 2009


I have no claim on this running doe
except that I am here and agog
Trying to catch her, keep her
in a little black box with a magic window
Somewhere I can see her again and again.


How is it that such a creature
Lives here among us
Weighs just what I do yet
cannot make an awkward move?

From whence this perfection
This polished haunch
these slender legs?


Boil me down and start me over
I want to run like that
Vaulting log and wire
Hitting with a thump and springing high
Bounding up the slopes that slowed me to a trudge
Before the change.

I've nothing to offer her but a reason to run.
Nothing to say but thank you.


For Mimi Hart, which after all means Deer


Amazing photos Julie!
I love watching them run (as long as it's not towards the highway).
The corn-eatin' doe in my backyard has become so used to me that she doesn't even run away anymore when I walk outside to hang up laundry--she just watches me and keeps on munchin' away.

Run, baby, run!

Hello from another OHioian.I live in TOledo. Great blog! I just came across your blog this weekend and fell in "LOVE" with CHet Baker.My great Aunt had Boston terriers .I always loved them except for the "wind" issue.I was enjoying reading your older post but when I went to it tonight your older post list was no longer posted there.Will you be putting it back on anytime soon ?

Beautiful!! ...the poetry, as much as the deer.

Deer are amazing products of evolution, generally their flight response exceeds their fight response and because of that they are fast, graceful, and very effective at escape.

Most humans pale in comparison when it comes to physical ability.

Nice, nice photos of a deer on the run. Must have been difficult!

Fabulous action shots, Zick. Did you have the camera set on SPORT? I remember the shots Gillian got of the zooming common black hawk at Asa. They made mine look like impressionist paintings. Her secret was the SPORT setting on her Canon.

I especially love the 2nd stanza; I too am always agog that these large creatures live amongst us (where I am), and yet usually remain hidden.

What a good place ?! It`s around with the Nature and almost found the special in life taht i never sew in my country : ) I LOVE THRE ...

Wonderful wonderful wonderful.
Got 'nuthin' else to say.

Sweeeeet photos AND words!

cool sequence

I'm so impressed you got that. I saw a doe and her fawn (still with spots) Sunday, but alas, no pictures.


I never set it on SPORT. It wastes film. Oh, wait.

OK, I'll try it.

Oh how I know how you feel!

Julie, I love the photos and the poetry. The deer in my backyard never move, even when we sit on the back patio to enjoy the setting sun. They seem to know that we are in awe of them and would never hurt them.

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