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Leaving Chet Baker Behind

Monday, August 31, 2009

I've thought about it. I have this huuuuge backlog of blog topics and fabulous fotos, thanks to thanks to an eventful summer, full of travel and adventure. Laptop malfunctions that ate July didn't help. My Honduras trip still festers on the back burner. Does it make sense to blog Honduras now, when everyone who will want to visit there is waiting to see what happens with the government? Probably n0t. What about North Dakota? That makes as much sense as anything else. Besides, I've got some wonderful things to share.

For the past couple of months, I've been blogging as things happen, and I have to admit it is driving me nuts. I am an ant, and I like to have things in the pantry so I don't have to think about hunting and gathering every day. September is going to be like living in a tornado. I won't be able to blog like a grasshopper, posting every day. So, off to North Dakota and Montana.

Leaving home is painful, but the major source of pain is moot now that Chet Baker has a family to stay with in West Virginia. No stainless steel kennel cubicle for The Bacon. David and Mary Jane were thrilled to welcome him back to Camp Baker, and he was thrilled to accept their invitation. He was a completely different dog through the packing and preparation. No sulking this time! He knew he was going to stay with his beloved WV family. So he was his cheery, kissy, playful self right up until the moment we arrived at David and Mary Jane's.
Oh, he was so happeh to see his West Virginia mether.

And his West Virginia daddeh was just as happy to see him.

Chet Baker set right to work. There were chiptymunks that had not been disciplined for almost a year!
These chiptymunks need a good spanking and I, Chet Baker, am the dog to do it.

David and Mary Jane, I do not know if you are aware that there is a chiptymunk living in your kiln. That cannot be allowed. I will take care of this problem for you. He will need to be evicted, and Offisa Pupp is on the job.

No chiptymunk will go unaccounted for when I am cruising in the black and white.

At last it came time for final kisses and hugs to the puppeh. Phoebe and Liam and I smothered him in love. He followed us halfway up the walk until I told him he was going to have to stay with David and Mary Jane. At that, he tucked his tail and turned back, walking slowly back to their open arms.
He understands it all so well. Oh, yes, we were all teary, but we knew he'd have a marvelous time setting everything to order. A terrier needs a job, and there was plenty to do. David would be taking an epic motorcycle ride to Nova Scotia; Mary Jane would need extra company and kisses, and we all know who's best at that.

Good bye, Mether, Phoebe and Liam. I will be fine here. You all have fun, and I will, too.


Love that wonderful rear shot of Chet Baker digging into his job.
I agree that leaving the dog is the hardest part of going away from home. But when the dog gets to stay at a second home...with work to do--doesn't get much better than that.


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Who takes care of the birdie?

It's so wonderful that you have a place full of love to leave him, and even more wonderful that he loves to go there and understands you'll be back.

We have a housesitter who takes care of Charlie, the fish, turtles, bonsais, hanging baskets, pond, on and on and on...Shorter list in winter than summer, but a list nonetheless.

What a wonderful place for Chet Baker to put his skills to the test. I'll bet that all those chipmunks were on their best behavior by the time he left!

The woeful tail-tuck walk-away must be a Boston thing, as our Roscoe is also good at it.

I don't have an example, but I do have one of the pleading look-up...another Boston trait.

He's such a handsome little doggeh! My hands just itch to reach into my monitor and stroke his muscular little body and rub those cute ears!

Sniffle. Stop! I can't stand the photo of him looking back at you leaving...

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