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MidSummer ChetFix

Monday, August 3, 2009

There is something about a brisket tickle that makes Chet Baker a little crazy. The brisket is a very tender bit of the Boston terrier, probably the tastiest and most chewable. It is very lightly haired, so it’s not a big leap to imagine beginning one's carving there when dividing the dog. This is where we would start if we ever ran out of food a la The Donner Party. The brisket.

This is called Crazy Face, and you can induce it in a four-year-old male Boston terrier by vigorously tickling the brisket.

Yes, Tim, this post is for you. I am well aware that a computer screen cannot French kiss you, but it is the best we can do from here. How I wish I could give you Smell-o-Vision. Baker is lying at my feet, silently but vigorously fumigating the studio air. It might make you miss him less. I am wiping a tear from my eye, and it's not because he's so adorable. The fartfest at my feet...

When the tickling ends, a trace of the crazy smile remains.

Until someone mentions bunnehs.

Disclaimer: For those of you who are wondering, no Boston terriers were eaten in the making of this blog post.


I can attest to the brisket being Chet's Crazy Button.
I miss the Bacon.
Lorelei just walked up and saw the Chet pics. She pouted and said, "When can we go see Chet again?"

Good thing you put in that disclaimer at the end. Old You Know Who might be calling his lawyer again.

So, you're saying that the Baker has a little gas problem?

The brisket! Funny! That is exactly where Tug likes being petted. April, just to let you know it's not just Mister Chet Baker with a little gas problem it's ALL Boston Terriers. Mine can clear a room full of grown men and he is only 11 pounds. :~)

I often look at pictures of Chet and think how gooood he must smell. Then, just as often it seems, I read a post like this.

Ah, the mystery of Chet!

Shelly, thank you for your honesty.

Let me state for the record that Th' Bacon smells like fresh-cut wood and sunshine. His paws smell like basmati rice and newly mown grass. He smells a little like ferret on the brisket, but that is probably an artifact of being frequently gnawed upon. He is curled up at my feet right now, but he is not emanating. Think your good thoughts, Little Orange Guy, he does smell wonderful most of the time.

Wow--when you say MidSummer ChetFix, you weren't kidding!

Ohhhhh. Be still my heart and be still those farts. This came at the perfect time. I was furiously flipping thru Hugo pics hoping to cop a Chet Baker fix of some sort - it was not working. Queen of Kismet - I love your timing!!!! Thanks for the shout out -- I heard it all the way from the southern great plains.

Shrieks of joyous laughter! In those top two pix, he's mellllllllting!

Geez, can't imagine why he might be a gaseous boy. (More fruit cobbler, Chetty?)

Geee, sorta makes me (and everyone else I suspect) want to have their brisket tickled.

Julie, what are you feeding him? My friend's Boston is also extremely gassy and they feed her everything. My Boston, Sam Addams is normally quite sweet smelling. The only time she was really gassy was the night I brought her home from Jane's.

His staple is Royal Canin Mini Special 27 with Little Cesar smashed on top. He's had the same food he was raised on at Jane's, and he looks and feels terrific. As Catbird pointed out, there is a teeny little chance that the peach cobbler might have had something to do with it. We are bad and need a spanking from a dog nutrition purist, but failing that we will take our punishment in foul clouds.

Oh my, this has made my day. I linked to you blog though my cousin, littleorangeguy. I too am a dog lover. I'm missing my sweet little Cavalier who I had to part with a few months ago, but I still have the company of my border collie- schipperke mix who smiles and writhes when scratched on his back near his tail, and like Baker he can be very flatulent! Baker has a wonderful smile!

Boxers, Rottweilers, and Boston Terriers. Pretty much in that order. When God said "Gas," these three dogs stood in line and said, "Fill 'er up."

I don't care what you feed them - premium, high test, or low octane. They all fart.

It's a good thing we love them.

~Kathi, who has anosmia and thus cannot smell the emanations of a gassy dog

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