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Cute Cows

Thursday, August 27, 2009

One of our neighbors keeps a few cattle, just a handful. I don't know how it happens, but he always has the cutest cows, ones with faces like Halloween skulls or odd little socks. They're probably dairy/beef crosses. Abby is one such; she's got a skull face AND socks. And Abby (the kids named her) threw a calf who's even cuter than she is, and the kids named the calf Veronica.

They came back from a bike ride raving about the new calf, and begged me to come out and see her. She was worth the ride.

Veronica was having lunch, with many feisty butts to the bag. When a calf wants its mother's milk to let down, it butts her udder. The mama cow takes it with aplomb, though I've seen a big calf lift its mother's hind feet off the ground doing this.

We sat in the car and watched Veronica having lunch, and I told the kids about lactation and what was going on here.

I doubt that it will even occur to Phoebe and Liam, as it did not occur to me, to feed their babies with bottles. The natural way is the only way they know.


I see your cow, and raise you a few goats. Come over and see.

Gotta love perky-eared Chet taking it all in as well.

I love the fact that Chet Baker is taking it all in also. Teachable moment indeed.
The best way to teach the "facts of life"--observation along with gentle appropriate explanation. I never had a time where my kids didn't know what was going on, because they had constant information from me & my husband all along the way.

Are we sure that Chet is not the actual father of that cute calf? Their faces are so similar

Looks and sounds as if your move to blogspot is working out fine. Hope the techno traumas are over.

What a pretty little calf. Is it chocolate brown and white? You don't see very many that color and it's a nice change from the usual black & white Holstein.

These creatures are so underrated. They are beautiful. They are powerful yet gentle. I could sit and watch them graze all day! Chet seens to want to investigate them. He, too is a curious soul.

Hello Julie,

My name is Dana and I just love your blog! Have been following for quite some time now but just now been able to comment thanks to the blog changes.

Very teachable moment, I wish more people thought like you and your family. Natural way is the best way. Your kids are so lucky to have you, I would have loved to grow up in your home. Even just as a Chet Baker puppeh! :) That's one lucky happy dog haha!


Posted by Anonymous August 30, 2009 at 1:05 PM
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