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Pirates and Pierogies

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So up we went to our seats at PNC Park to see the real live Pirates. I think Liam would have come all this way just to ride this elevator. Willya look at the gams on that girl? Phoebe was blessed with her father's legs, just like I asked the night before she was born.

Liam was on top of the world, #1. He's clutching his free T-shirt. It was T-shirt night.

Down into the deserted stands we went.

But they quickly filled up.

The game was darn good. The Pirates even led for awhile. It was awesome, until they didn't. I am trying so hard to remember who they played. The Astros? Uhmmm. I can't remember. Oh. Oh. The Arizona Diamondbacks. That's right. There were two Diamondback fans right in front of us and they were sort of wanly yelling, "Go D-Backs!" which sounded to me a lot like "Go D-bags!" which is an unfortunate choice of nicknames, if you ask me.

My remembering sports team names is like some people trying to remember the name of a flower. I have a lot of empathy for them, so I hope sports fans have empathy for me. But I watched the whole thing, and I tried like h.e.doubletoothpicks to understand what was going on and why this or that player was being a jerk or a wussy. Or why we should roar at any given moment and express our disgust and shame at another. And after the first pitch I did not even crack the book I had surreptitiously brought to read during the game. It wouldn't have been the right thing to do.

The game went into extra innings. I looked at my watch in the 11th inning and felt my heart go into my left heel. It was 11:30 pm, we had our kids with us, and we were three hours from home. I told myself that Chet was at least probably using his doggie door, and felt better for a moment. We left, in time to avoid seeing the Pirates fall by six points. Got home, having been gone almost 13 hours. Going to a baseball game in Pittsburgh is something probably best not contemplated, it's best done spur of the moment. 11:30 turned out to be a good time to leave. The D-bags squished the Pirates something like 11-6.

It was a long drive home, but we had brought bunny nest materials for the kids, who fell asleep instantly. When we got home, we wished the kids were still little enough to carry into their beds.

I have to confess that, after the giant foam finger, the thing that made my night was the pierogie race.
Overall, I was unprepared for the zany music, the different theme song blasted out for every player, the little movie clips on the Jumbotron. The whole event was pitched exactly at my level. But the pierogie race was the BEST. Bill had been telling me for years either that I run like a giant pierogie or the Oscar Meyer Wiener and at last I know what he means. Well, you try popping out two kids and see how well you run afterward.


Wait, wait...there are pierogie races at baseball games? Nobody ever told me THAT! Well, when's your next trip to the stadium? Can I come?
I am laughing hysterically at the faces on the giant pierogies, and wishing I could meet the crafty person who knows how to make one of THOSE. Halloween costume, anyone?

I know! Giant pierogies--who knew? But all the regulars were like, yawn, here come the giant running pierogies.

I love to eat Pierogies and now I could go watch them run!! How funny! I have seen many a hotdog race at the Cincinnati Reds games, but maybe we need to take a trip to Pittsburgh. Thanks for the laughs Julie. You always put a smile on my face.

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Sure, you have adorable pierogie races, but do you know why they were running? The Phillie Phanatic was chasing 'em.

You should have your own double-header: Wife of the Year and Mom of the Year. I love this post!

The problem is trying to run AFTER you've eaten the pierogies.

I'm SO not a sports person but I LOVE going to Washington Nationals games. My good friends have season tickets and they invite me along a number of times a year. For me, it's all about catching up with my friends, eating a Ben's chili dog and drinking beer. I also love listening to the players "signature" songs when they come up to bat. I always ask whoever else is with us, what their theme song would be. Have you asked Phoebe and Liam?

Being in the nation's capital, we have our Presidents' races with the big heads of George, Abe, and Teddy. Being of Polish ancestry, the pierogies are much more my style!!

Julie, was it an accident or on purpose that Liam and Phoebe were wearing the same color? I used to dress my four in matching shirts when we traveled so I could find them easily in crowded places.

Posted by Ivy Vann August 27, 2009 at 8:10 AM

Fun post Julie. We love going to baseball games. There's just something about the atmosphere of being at a good ballgame.
BTW – It’s 6 runs, not 6 points. Now that you’ve been to a real baseball game you need to learn the correct jargon - hahaha!!

A giant pierogie race--what fun!
I remember fondly my favorite part of a Reds game--the crew that is dispatched with rakes to smooth the infield halfway through the game.
They were choreographed with such precision and moved speedily within the limits of a very short song--and do so for every game.
You may not be able to count on the team, but you sure can count on the crew!

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