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I Jes' Love Ohio

Friday, August 28, 2009

A little country store not far from Athens, Ohio, home of Ohio University, which has been ranked #1 in the Princeton Review's Top Party Schools in past years.

They've slipped recently. Down to #5. Oh dear. Not enough bingeing?

It's got beer. It's got eggs. It's got ping pong balls, and it's got night crawlers. Which two of these can be combined in a drinking game?

I owe my husband for enlightenment on what to me was merely a quirky list of availables.

Give up?

Beer pong.


Native Ohioans would call that there store a pony keg.

My husband's boss has a son who was last year's beer pong champion. Now, would that make a parent proud, or what?

I was thinking back to my mis-spent youth, thnking it was beer pong and hoping to God it did not involve night crawlers!

I think you have a fun husband.

I'll take 2 ping pong balls sunny-side up, with a side order of night crawlers... hold the ketchup!

I was so hoping it would involve nightcrawlers and eggs.
Though I was dimly aware it exists, I don't even know how you play Beer Pong. Not because I didn't partay in college, but because it hadn't yet been invented.
As to bragging around the water cooler about your son being the BeerPong champion, nuh.

Beer pong...? boy did I attend college about 40 yrs. too early.

There had been beer, it was night, I was crawling...Nope, that's all I recall.

Now, as to your assertion that beer pong had not been invented, Madame, you ain't that old.

To cite that unassailable source, Wikipedia:

"Beer pong in its general form has been traced back to at least the 1950s as a casual attempt to combine the popular activities of drinking and ping pong. By the early 21st century, newspapers frequently attributed the origin of beer pong to Dartmouth College. History professor Jere Daniell '55 stated that he played the game as a student, and Bob Shirley '57 stated that he began playing in 1956....One of the earliest published photographs depicting a game of pong appeared in Dartmouth's 1968 yearbook Aegis (page 304)."

Posted by Anonymous August 29, 2009 at 7:30 AM

Anonymous, I know who you are, and I'm grinning. 'Twas the "Madame."
Please go on. How do you play it? I'm too lazy to look it up meself, but I suspect you've already done the research, in one way or another...

That same store exists down about 10 miles from here. The sign is almost the same ... just add on "SMOKED MULLET" and "SWAMP CABBAGE". Otherwise, it's the same place ... probably smells the same inside too.

Beer Pong is news to me though it seems so logical and it does seem to have been there for a while thanks to the Wikipedia proof.

This particular store often has the letter N backwards on its sign. I am not sure if it is on purpose, or if it is just someone that played too much beer pong in their day!

Oh No!
ophops is the verification word. I wonder if they are monitoring the post about beer!!HAHA

I remember playing that on my Atari game console in the 60's.
Do you remember the 60'S?
If you do you aren't in my age bracket.

Posted by Anonymous August 30, 2009 at 12:49 PM

Julie, once OU is in full session here in a couple of weeks, I'll try to get a photo of a porch with beer pong aftermath for you (what that means is a table full of 14-ounce red and blue plastic cups and lots of beer bottles and cans around... and maybe a rogue ping pong ball, too). Actually, even though it's not a nature topic, I should do a photo essay of the "post party" trash that is left on the porches of so many student rentals in town. I have to say I don't know which drive-thru you have photographed here (is it in Athens county? Meigs county?).

Mefinks 'twas outside Nelsonville. But I'm hazy on that.

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