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Box Turtles, Busted and Otherwise

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bill brought home a box turtle he found on a nearby country road, seeing that it had been injured, but quite some time ago.

When we find such a turtle, we bring it home to evaluate it and see if there is anything we can do for it. A car had run over its hind end, and cracked the plastron near both hind legs.
A rear view showed that, despite his injury, the turtle was fat.Fat is good where box turtles are concerned.

Overall, he looked pretty darn good. He didn't move much, but some turtles are intimidated by carpet and linoleum. He could move if he wanted to, but I suspected he just didn't want to. I sent pictures to an expert turtle rehabilitator in New York, and she confirmed my thoughts that this injury was healed probably as much as it was going to heal, and he was better off in the woods.

Meanwhile, Shelly, the year-old box turtle we’ve taken on for headstarting, is proving to be quite an eater. Here, she tucks into the first baked butternut squash she’s ever encountered.
It’s made with brown sugar, butter, and vanilla extract. Who wouldn’t love it?

Phoebe got the honor of taking the injured turtle back to the woods where he was found.He seemed a little shell-shocked to find himself back home. (Sorry, couldn't resist).As we often do when we're messing about near Buck's pasture, we ran into one of the Warren boys, this time Jay. Every time Jay sees Chet Baker, he sings a few bars of "My Funny Valentine." Chet Baker loves Jay, and Jay lets Chet wash his face all over.I love this picture.


High ridin' Chet Baker. (Something about watchin' the VP debates has me droppin' Gs all over the place. . .sorry).
And as for the shell-shocked turtle--well, Julie you "crack" me up. Sorry again.

Farmer Chet! All he needs is a bandanna.

I've got a Science Chimp question: why would a juvenile Cooper's hawk kill a chipmunk and then not eat it? I watched as a hawk squeezed its prey in the backyard, then hop to one side, stand there for awhile (2 or 3 minutes), hop up to a tree branch, hang out there for another 2 or 3 minutes, then circle the yard and take off. There wasn't any activity nearby and he didn't seem startled - just no longer interested.

You're spoiling Shelly! When she gets turned loose, she will be very disappointed when baked squash, with sugar and vanilla, doesn't drop out of the sky onto her plate!

Nice turtle post. This has been a banner year for me in the box turtle department.

Shelly's a spoiled box turtle - very luck to have found you, indeed!

Something about a Boston Terrier sitting on a farm tractor is rather odd...but SO CUTE.

I've stopped countless time this year to "help" a turtle get across the busy road that leads to the highway. There is just something so sweet about them. Glad this one continued to thrive despite the injury.
Awwww, look at Chet up there on the tractor! Priceless! :c)

does he let Chet drive?

Ooooh a turtle post! Love it. Gorgeous portrait of Shelley.

I visited Maine this weekend and saw what appeared to be a juvenile bald eagle! It was early(ish) in the morning and only a few beachwalkers and dogs were out, but 2 or 3 people had crowded around to admire him. I took a few pictures and in a week or so that film (gasp, yes, film) will be done so we'll see what I got!

It seemed odd that he just sat there and didn't fly off like the gulls or sandpipers. He sat about 10 or 15 yards from shore on a rocky break. He looked rumpled, maybe wet. He lifted his tail feathers to 'void' a few times. Then he started the dry heaves. He got sick once, maybe twice before I made my way back to a phone and called the local police. They said there wasn't much they could do and I couldn't find a local Fish & Game or any other agency to call. What a bummer!

Do any of you experienced birders have any thoughts? Think it was a young bald eagle? Think he had some bad seafood?

Thanks! Jen

Wow, Chet looks so manly up there!

Chet Baker is a true farm dog!!!
Gonzo rides the backhoe and bulldozer with his dad!!! Would Chet like to ride on one of those???
What a dog! :-)

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