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Still Life with Terrier

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

From time to time, I run into people with opinions about Boston terriers. They don't necessarily realize that I really only want to hear positive, informed opinions about Boston terriers, preferably from someone who lives with one or is a huuuuge Chet Baker fan. Those I'll listen to all day.

I had a man once volunteer his chagrin that Chet Baker's face is so ugly, which is too bad because he'd be such a nice-looking dog otherwise.

Ohhhh-kay. Any more comments from you? Or are you content to wake up some night to the sound of my heavy breathing, my silhouette against the moonlight, arm raised?

Chet and I were sitting in the Exploder, waiting for the bus on our country road when an aquaintance who was also waiting got out of her car and asked, "Is that one of them Boston bulls?"

Yes, I replied, he's a Boston terrier.

"Them things is HYPER!"

Well, actually he's only...

"No, them things is HYPER! My cousin has two of 'em and them things is HYPER!"

I smiled, nodded, and raised the electric window, like that scene in the limousine in This is Spinal Tap when the cabdriver is blabbing to the band about how nobody understands Frank Sinatra.

Of course, she gave me a little gift that keeps on giving, because

"Them things is HYPER!"

has become a catch phrase in our house now, whenever we catch Chet Baker doing this:

Still life with titmouse.

Still life with European starling.

Still life with Carolina wren.

Still life with eastern bluebird.

Still life with downy woodpecker.
Down, you ugly, hyper dog! Down!


"When you've loved and lost, the way Frank has, then you, uh, you know what life's about."

Loved this post, Julie. Warm and funny and sly.

Wow, those were great photos. You must have used a super fast shutter speed to make Chet freeze in time like that. You know, because them's are hyper. :)

Seriously, those photos would would be great in a long frame, set up in a series.

looks like them birds is hyper. Well, can't say I have an opinion about Boston terriers, but I love Chet Baker and have to admit he had a much prettier face than your Chet. Like your blog--the snow pics are gorgeous. Looking forward to talking more with you...

We owned a Boston terrier once, she was cute and she had only one pup, it was so cute. I like your photos, I guess dogs like to spy on birds also.

Great post! :)

These photos absolutely made my day - thank you!

To continue the Spinal Tap reference...
"yeah, but this one goes to eleven..."

That Chet. He's all the way to eleven here.

"Them things is hyper!" That is freakin' priceless.

The bird feeder sequence is priceless.

Well, there's no accounting for taste, is there!? We all know and love the beauty of the Bacon.

Love that speedbump of a terrier. How do you restrain yourself from going up and ginchin' him right on those meaty little tocks, though?

It's not conventional beauty, but it's beauty all the same.

I had a man once volunteer his chagrin that Chet Baker's face is so ugly, which is too bad because he'd be such a nice-looking dog otherwise.

My first response would likely have been: Oh, how marvelous! You have something in common with my dog!

Ugly? CHET? Puh-leeze. Should we all chip in and buy that gent some glasses? I could smooch his cute little mug easily.

I'm howling at the HYPER! comment. If Chet is hyper, then what in the world would Jack and Robin be considered? Lightspeed?

This is the funniest thing I've read all day. Thanks! :-)

Hyper or not...Chet brings a smile to my face!

I've been told my Bostons have a face only a mother could love. So?
Chet Baker is a Prince.

I hear dogs become a lot like their owners....

*devoted Chet Baker fan*

One huge guy environmentalist type who owned Chesapeake Bay Retrievers said, "Nice cat." Lots of folks think Bostons have ugly mugs and they don't mind telling me so. I just laugh because they JUST DON'T GET IT.

Your post speaks to me. I can't wait to meet that handsome man-dog. I hope he likes me...

'Them Things Is Hyper' obviously needs to read your blog posts about Chet Baker and she would fall in love with him like the rest of us have!!

Did you super glue bacon to the floor, to get those photos? Cause them's hyper. Just like the one snoring on my lap as I write this.
Great post

That face looks as if we should give Baker much more credit than many do--he sincerely looks as if those words have hurt his feelings.

Aww, Baker, we love you enough to make up for those who don't care enough to know you.

Them things IS hyper. But not as hyper as BABY MANATEES! Now THEM things is SUPER HYPER.

sorry, can't resist....

I've traveled with my Boston terrier to ALL the major rock festivals.. Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Isle of Lucy....

What!? Chet Baker - ugly? Never!

I don't know what's more annoying, the woman kept repeating the same thing or the red text color she's blurting out. Hehe.

A hyper dog indeed. Does he ever just lay down and NOT look at them birds? *sarcasm hinted*

Funny post about Chet Baker. Love him and his stories!

Now, Julie - you must admit. Chet does sometimes move. He is not nailed to the floor, even though your series makes it look like he is.

I only have one complaint about the HANDSOME, CALM Chet Baker:

"Bacon, why's you jest settin' there when that danged starling is in the bird feeder?"

Really, Zick - can't you train him to keep the EUST off the deck?

Love this post, especially Baker the BirdWatcher, Digesting.


Oh, I love it... Them things is only hyper when they not taken care of rightly :-). Dogs feed off of their position in the pack and their owners' energy, and since you took the place of Alpha the day he came home, Chet was only destined to be gentle, nurturing, altruistic and empathetic. Well, except to bunnehs and squirrels, of course.

Awwww--Chet Baker--perk up your ears. You are loved here in blogland almost as much as you are loved in your home.

I just want to reach into the computer and give that little doggie butt a scratchin'! Such a cute birdwatcher!!

Such a fine line between stupid and clever.

Chet Baker is just off the hook handsome, and not hyper.

But my neighbor has 4 Bostons..and them's hyper. All 4 of them will run around the yard clinging to the same stick, at the same time, for hours, LOL! They are lovely dogs....but they are insane! Then they come in the house and sleep a lot. I love them to death.

Maybe it's a pack mentality thing in their case.

Came by to check out the Chet Baker fan club.

Found you through Heather of the Hills. I have many fond childhood memories of a Boston Terrier and was delighted with your post. It was a nice way to begin my day.

Just sitting here grinning.... :c)

I love your blog; it's informative, beautifully written, smart, and hilarious. But, I must admit... I get the most thrilled when I realize - as I scroll down - that I'm about to be entertained by a "Chet" post. I actually get that tingly feeling one gets before jumping out to surprise someone. I've grown very fond of your pup!

Loved the pictures of Chet...
I still can't believe that anyone would think bostons are ugly. I am owned by two wonderful little female bostons and they think Chet is beautiful.

I often wonder where all those missing brain-to-mouth filters end up!

Hysterical prose to go with gorgeous photos - thanks!

I loved this post and laughed until my sides hurt. I can't tell you how many come to me looking for a BT puppy and one of the first things that they ask is this breed hyper. Most of mine are not but that is not to say the potential is not there. Like Nature Mama said it really has alot to do with how they are raised. I have one female that was raised in a kennel and she can be hyper but I think it has more to do with the environment she came from and the lack of attention she received as a baby. Chet Baker is anything but hyper and he was raised in my home with daily attention that was continued in the wonderful home he has now.
How can anyone say that there is a BT on the planet that is ugly? Tell that man to get his vision checked and then look in his mirror. An Ugly BT??? No way!

Them things. Sigh.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a button that would raise a nice piece of glass between you and the world in other situations too? It's such a quiet, elegant answer to an awkward moment.

Kiss that ugly dog for me, if you can just get him to hold still for a moment.

one of my favorite posts ever. you're a freaking hoot.

That bluebird looks particularly p.o.-ed that it's not getting a rise out of Chet.

Hyper? Nah, beagles is hyper. Baker is bee-YOOO-tiful! And after showing her post after post of Chet Baker portraits, I've even got my wife longing for a Boston.

Them things is perfect for me. Thanks for all the Chetlove. I'm missin' the little dog-man (and the human man, and the kids...) and not exactly in that order...

Oh gosh, that post really cracked me up. I think Chet Baker is so cute and as the owner of several German Shorthaired Pointers, I find it hard to believe there's any dog that's MORE Hyper than a GSP--especially when there are birds outside the window!

What is the matter with folks today? Do they always have to criticize other people's kids and pets? Gosh, I grew up being told that if I couldn't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. And like everyone else has said, who wouldn't love Chet Baker, or for that matter who wouldn't love BTs? They have such expressive eyes. Julie, too bad you couldn't put a window shade on your car window when you rolled it up. LOL. :o)

From the photos, he really looks hyper to me...Yep, he's on of them hyper can tell it by the way he sleeps in front of the door!

Oh! heheheh the first time I saw mine (muska), I found it a little little bit ugly, and now he is the most beautiful dog in the world euhhhh ex equo with Chet...obviously:)

I help transport homeless dogs to their new home. I transported a Boston boy once who could talk. He really freaked out the person who drove the first leg of his trip (he was going 150 miles.) She swore he was saying "out!" since he was in a crate in the back of her car. She wasn't imagining it.

My husband and I heard him say it several times. We pulled over and brought him up in the front seat. He rode like a good boy until he got bored and then started being snippy. I asked him if he wanted to go back in the crate. He clearly said "no" and settled down.

I told his new family that he talked and that the reason he was given up was that he was smarter than his first family. They were delighted to get such an amazing dog. I'm privileged to have met him.

Although I've never had one (so many dogs, so little time) I adore Bostons. They are Joy on 4 legs!

I wish my rat terrier would learn that poise. I love how Chet NEVER SEEMS TO MOVE.

*thanks for the grin!*

Are you sure that's a dog and not a small batmobile parked on your living room floor?

like that scene in the limousine in This is Spinal Tap when the cabdriver is blabbing to the band about how nobody understands Frank Sinatra.

Almost died laughing...LOL Wonderful post. Oh, and your dog is GORGEOUS. Besides, there's no such thing as an "ugly dog" (and yes, I know about Sam: ) LOL Sam is gorgeous, too. :)

P.S. I just stumbled upon your blog and have already bookmarked it. Great, great stuff. :)

Oh, Jen, thank you for the instant bookmark, and thank you for the link to Sam the Ugliest Dog. Yes, yes, he is, he is, he looks like something you'd see stuffed in an airport souvenir shop or hanging from a chandelier wearing demon wings. Them things is UGLY. Everybody go look.

Okay... It's been over a month and we want more Chet!

This is the umffteen's time I have read this post. I love it again and again. Yesterday, I was at a garage sale and they had doggeh outfits. I almost bought one for Chet. But then I am not all too sure about the size. Here's one for you Chet Baker, for making me happy: {{{{{ ♥ }}}}}

Chet Baker is beautiful! Obviously an intelligent, reflective gentleman who enjoys pondering the wonder of other critters.

perfect post to share with my husband :-)

I suppose it is good that some people cannot appreciate the charms of our Boston boys and girls. There just would not be enough snorty love to go around if everyone wanted one.

And yes, our Bingo was once mistaken for a cat by a very little girl. She was hilarious, though of course Bingo was not amused.

We have two BT's and they are both a hoot! Hyper and crazy and full speed ahead. They're also extremely intelligent and soooo loving. Both of ours lay in the same position as Chet all stretched out and then will crawl along on their bellies.

With two Boston's you don't figure out how to share your attention 50/50. You have to give 100/100 to both, each, all the time, don't stop.They each want all the love you have, all the time.

I often get that look that says "what's wrong with your other hand? Pet with both."

Love your blog and your pictures. Please keep posting.

Seriously?!? NOBODY gave BOTB a groan for his "Isle of Lucy"?!? (Or are we not supposed to encourage such behaviour?)

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