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The Sun Came Out

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The pines and birches, bent almost double here by the weight of ice, are standing straight and unscathed as I write this. Nature springs back.

Chet, on his way out the oil road to check our well.

Waiting, waiting for the sun to come out, knowing that it was going to be spectacular. I hung up on someone who had kindly called to see how we were faring once when the sun peeked through and the weeping willow, caked in ice, burst into diamond flame. I hope she understood. I had to go see that.

There was no power as yet, but the gas well was sending us some love, about 23 psi of love. You want to see upwards of 40 psi at the wellhead, but we'll take it. Hey, nice hat.

The orchard was just ridiculous with the sun coming through the ice and snow in the afternoon.

I made about a yard of progress every five minutes, with the sun and the snow and the intricate beauty hollering and whooping all around me.

Bill skiied cross country while I tried to save the snow and ice, lock it up in electrons and digital folders before it melted.

A twin arch for rabbits to pass beneath.

Multiflora rose, its hips locked up where even the birds couldn't get them. It was a beautiful but hungry sight.

Liriodendron flowers, each a goblet of snow.

In concert, they were a ballet corps, little hands offering divinity. Here, here, here, take this.


It`s amazing how beauty comes out of such ferocity. The flower shots capture it particularly well.

I agree with littleorangeguy, nature can sure cause some turmoil, but can leave beauty in its wake.

Beautiful scenery, but a stark reminder of why I will never live in the North. Brrr...

How come your tulip poplars still sport their bracts? Ours fill the crevices in the bodywork of cars in the spring, rusting them out by fall.

Breathtaking! I love the way snow and ice dress up the landscape, natural and un. I could do without the loss of 'lectric, but whatchagonnado?

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the beauty of the makes everything feel so different....

We had a very light dusting of snow in Richmond this winter... that's it. So, thank you for sharing all the beautiful snow scenes. I loved the goblet snowfingers the best... just beautiful.

-Colleen :)

I like to see the sunshine through ice on trees, your pictures are very pretty and Chet on the go.

Wow! Very pretty and pretty exotic from my viewpoint.

Your photography sets me up, and your poetry just knocks me out! Thanks for sharing your backyard beauty.

Winter is so lovely when its blanketed in ice and snow. Love your snow goblets. I caught a photo of a robin sitting in the midst of them a day ago...minus the snow. Glad you're getting some sun too!

It's so great that even being without power, you could take the time to appreciate the beauty in it all Julie. So very beautiful indeed.

Very lovely photos and writing. Thank you.

Wasn't it beautiful!?
And all the seed heads and hips all the more lovely, layered in ice.
Those little hands are perfect, offering divinity.

I loved the "goblets of snow"
Wonderful pictures and story Julie!

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