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Chet Baker, Snow Bunneh

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sitting inside looking at birds crowding the feeders was fine for awhile, because the footing outside was so treacherous and exhausting--crunch, flomp, crunch, flomp, whoops! that going out wasn't a wise option. I suited up and went out twice a day to re-provision the feeders, making sure to throw seed and cracked corn under the brushpile/bower Bill made. Here, a few goldfinches enjoy the largesse. Last count of goldfinches at the feeders Feb. 16: 79! And people, they are getting some yellow feathers on their heads...and I heard a flock of robins singing yesterday...and a friend reports from  northern Virginia that a flock of konk-a-reeing red-winged blackbirds stopped by to brighten his yard. It's coming. It is.

But here on this blog, we're still snowbound. And  a guy has to get out and mark his territory, eventually. I wish I knew how many pictures I have taken of Chet peeing on things. Let's just say: Many. I am so besotted with this dog that I think his micturation rituals are worth photographing. I don't even mind when he goes and pees on my giant culinary sage plant every morning and night. I just use leaves from the top. Here, he shows some downtrodden Virginia pines who the #1 Boss is.

Since Chet has the furry protection of a naked mole rat on his underbelly, it really isn't fair to bring him out in snow without a little protection. He winds up shivering on the stoop within two minutes.

So we got out The Coat, a Woolrich creation sold by Target, far and away the best coat he's ever had. And things began looking up for Snowpuppeh.
I could do without the football helmet applique, but hey. It's got good velcro closures on the ventral surface, it doesn't restrict his movement, and it keeps his bare brisket from getting all wet and freezy. The fact that he's really cute in it (a matter of opinion, I know, KatDoc!) doesn't hurt, either. Come on. Cuteness like that is an unarguable absolute.

Chet's wondering what that bright golden orb in the sky might be. We hadn't seen it for so long we forgot it was there.

Like I was saying, cute is an absolute when you're talking Chet Baker and letter jackets. All he needs is a helmet; a little stuffed football velcroed under his arm...Anybody seen any good dog costume web sites?

I am joking, of course. Function. It's all about function, style a distant second. And cuteness trumps only by coinkydink.


I thought "#1 Boss" was still Bruce Springsteen (preferably singing, NOT micturating), but if you added a red cape to that doggeh outfit I think you might have a new Marvel Comic Superhero on your hands.

Aw he looks so cute in his coat, our neighbors dog has about five different sweaters and he is about as big as Chet, and you know it is a males duty to mark his territory. I like your pictures of the birds and the snow. Hope your weekend is going great.

Great photo of "Chet the Tailback" ! Does OSU football need a new star ?

Hee hee! He is priceless; absolute cuteness indeed. Thanks for the lift this afternoon- hope you've recovered (in full) from the power outage.

I've spotted some robins myself the past few weeks and had a few handfuls of goldfinches at the feeders when they aren't being scared off. It's an interesting game - trying to predict who's higher on the feeder chain than who. Will the goldfinch or the tufted titmouse win??? You'll just have to watch.

There was a chiptymunk at the feeder today, kind of skinny, fur standing out, not sleek, a little bleary-eyed, but there. And over at Nature Remains, Nina found a snowdrop.

Thanks for giving me a new word to use to excuse myself next time I have to micturate my brains out.

So how did the recital go?

Oh, man, wait'll you see the long-suffering pug in a parka at the top of this page! There's a Boston in the catalogue who looks as if he can't wait to go out and roll in something good and dead to cover up the reek of couture. (Of course, the cute little foofy dogs are lovin' it.)

OK, OK - you win. Yes, Chet is absolutely cute in that football jersey coat. BUT - I draw the line at a helmet and a little football velcroed into his armpit.

~Kathi, resigned to the fact that if she ever gets a BT, she is going to have to put clothes on it in the winter

Oh, PS:

I had a flock of 30 male Red-winged Blackbirds in my yard last Thursday, and about 60 robins flew over yesterday afternoon. Still no woodcocks, though.


Oooo, I love him and so glad he's not all freezy.

It is a reflection of my high esteem for Catbird that I looked at that site. The pug in the parka got an immediate snort of laughter. You're right-the Boston in the Santy suit is gonna hurt something as soon as the shutter clicks.

I'm glad you already have a bitchin' blog, KatDoc, because when you get that Boston puppeh and start dressin' her up, your readership will be ready.
Yay on the redwings and robins!

Chet looks pretty darn handsome in his red varsity coat.

KatDoc would be happy with a BT in an OSU jacket....that would be Kathi-Kryptonite.

Put the Bacon in a flour sack...we will be happy with it.

That's a thought, Susan...maybe I need some more appropriate appliques for The Coat!

I'm going to put a polo on Chet in WV just to drive K. krazy.

I'm sorry to be the one to rain on the parade (in a manner of speaking), but peeing is the act of micturition, not micturation. But one can urinate, not urinite.

Thank you for the golden shower, Gahannah, for as you know the Science Chimp just wants to get it right. Micturition it is!!

I spelled it prarie for my entire life before I met Bill and he will never let me forget it. For instance we have prarie warblers breeding on our place, and we go to see prarie chickens in Nebraska, and we look at prarie wildflowers in North Dakota.

Does this mean you haven't got a praer?

Around my husband, when I make a mistake, no. He never lets me forget it.

At an online advocacy workshop the other day soemone asked, "How do I drive people to my blog?" I said "get a Boston Terrier."

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