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The Resolute Bunny

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snow and ice are tough on mammals as well as birds. We laid in and served about 50 pounds of corn during the weeks of snow-in. I'm sure the coyotes, great horned owls and redtails appreciate our corn-fed rabbits.

I was amused, as dusk came on, to see the Bower Bunneh cleaning up corn in a most picturesque way.

A doe came out of the trees, hoping to share.
First she sniffed around the back entrance. Bower Bunneh didn't budge.

So the doe gave Bunneh a wide berth and tried another approach. I love the ear positions on the animals in this shot. The bunny is alert and resolute; the deer undecided.

Bunneh moved off a bit, but didn't give way.

All right. I'm coming in. You are a rabbit and I am an ungulate, many times your size.

I may be a rabbit, but I am no pushover. Go find corn somewhere else, Pointy Toes.

Can't you do something about this, Corn Lady?


It's Dr. Doolittle--talking to the animals. Or in this case, Julie Z talking for the animals.
I am always most interested that size, which is so important to we humans, frequently goes unnoticed by other animals.

Cute animals. You and FC over at Pure Florida are working from the same playbook, me thinks.

RE: The Aquarium.
Light loads here and I dose ferts but not heavily. Gave up on the DIY CO2 stuff due to the ridiculous growth rates. Grow a lot of Crypts, so disturbing the gravel is a no-no, lest they melt. Still not a reef tank, which is one of the most fascinating (and creepy-crawly) things you can have in your home.

Stay warm.

Bunneh and Doe... I don't know who I'm rootin' for more...
Toooo funnnny!

Mom! Bunneh won't share!

I love your stories like this. I love watching animals and birds.

That's delightful! It does look like the deer can't decide if the bunny is a menace or just a meanie with attitude but nothing to back it up with. I'm really loving this bower... And the Bower Bunneh.

Oh, gosh, this is great. It reminds me of Carl Sams II (and he's a millionaire now).

Of course they said that!

(Pointy Toes LOL)

Love it, love it, love it. Too good........

Sandy A.

yes, very reminiscent of the Carl Sams/Jean Stoick books -- you have a children's book in-the-making.

I love how fuzzy the deer get in the wintertime.
Is that the only pointy-toed ungulate you're seeing in your backyard this winter? We're still seeing them in multiples this time of year.

Our deer are afraid of birds, jays in particular

I loved this series of photographs and the captions as well. Interesting interaction.

Special, funny and educational. Very nicely done. Thanks!

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