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Busting Out

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Restlessness settled on me like a hawk; I'd been completely housebound since Tuesday night, and it was Saturday.

A sharp-shinned hawk hopes for a cardinal on ice.

After three full days of it, I was ready to get out. Being bundled up had lost its allure.

Mether, are you going somewhere without me?

Yes, Chet Baker. Cutelips or no, I have to get out of here, and it is too cold for you to come along and wait in the car.

It had been fun overall, an experience we will never forget, and one I'm glad we've documented in photos.

This is an actual photo of me, having ridden the toboggan at breakneck speed down the huge hayfield hill, and having wound up going partway under a barbed wire fence at the very bottom. I was going too fast to bail out, so I grabbed the wire as I shot under it, bringing myself to a halt just as it touched my chin. It was like something from a Schwarzeneggar movie.

I lay there for a few minutes, considering my fate, and trying to figure out how I was going to get up from this position on slippery ice. I was also laughing, which didn't help. I was happy that my brain had worked well enough to tell me to grab the wire in between barbs. Eventually the sled slipped out from under me and went careening on down the hill, and I rolled over and wriggled out of my predicament.

Yes, it was time for me to fly, icy roads or no...I just had to head for town.

I took my camera with its new little 18-55 mm wide-angle lens, and was glad I did.

Have you ever seen a hayroll look more delicious? Like a Frosted Maxi-Wheat?

Sheep move suspiciously away from the lady with the camera, backed by a tinkling ice wonderland.

I did my shop, replaced some things we'd lost in the big meltdown, and was happy to come back home, a few images richer. I hope you've enjoyed these ice storm pictures as much as I enjoyed capturing them.
Zick-Thompson Manor viewed from the west, Chet Baker striking a Vanna White pose in the foreground. Yes, he knows exactly what he's doing, and he doesn't even need to be asked to pose any more. Basically, he inserts himself in almost every photo I take.

The odd looking plastic shiny thing is my Garden Pod, full of flowers!

Life is good.


All of your pictures are just beautiful, but I especially loved the meadow!

Yes, I have enjoyed every one of the photographs. Still, I wonder. Who took the picture of you hanging on for dear life? Must be a blogger or future blogger for sure. Take the picture first...then see if anyone is hurt.

I got a big chuckle from seeing you under the barbed wire (unharmed). That photo shows the depth of the hill you referred to in a previous post. Whew, you sure did bust loose! Chet Baker would not have had so much fun. Do you take warm blankets or articles of clothing from the dryer and wrap him? C & B adore warm things from the dryer.

I'm lovin' that lens of yours.

Frosted Shredded Wheat!

Lol, I laughed at you under the fence - knowing you were obviously okay enough to blog about it. Carnival rides don't compare to icy snow, do they? Maybe find a hill without a fence though?? OY! VERY glad you are okay.

Nice maneuver on the sled trip!

And very pretty ice storm photos which I am happy to experience vicariously. It's merely grey and dull here, which is OK by me.

Poor Chet. He looks so weary of winter, as do my guys. I couldn't let them out today (too cold) and got similar looks from them.

Definitely, life is good. Stir craving satisfied and more gorgeous images. I can't believe the barb-wired thing. Isn't the mind amazing in a cisis? ...laughing at the same time. Sometimes I think our brains are hard-wired for action!

Thank goodness your OK! I can see the headlines now...renowned bird artist/author/photographer hospitalized after bizarre toboganning accident, film at 11. BTW-Love the photos, especially the sheep!

OMG, that is so funny. And isn't it weird when your brain slows down an unfolding make sure you do stuff like grab between the barbs of the barb-wire fence.

We have had about 2 weeks total of bare ground and subzero here in NE IL..hopefully enough to kill most of the Japanese beetle larvae. Otherwise, it's going to be another bumper crop.

It's been so good to see the beauty of it all Julie. Thanks for sharing the journey with us.

I have that lens, but I'll admit I never captured beautiful photos like yours. My favorite is of the ice-laden tree (memories of my childhood). I'm so glad to have found your blog.

This entire series has been great, Julie! A beautiful view of a disruptive yet enchanting event.

I'm glad you survived your encounter with the fence--and with your sense of humor intact.

By the way, that photo of Chet wrapped up is just the cutest thing ever!

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