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Bunny Goes A-Birding

Monday, February 9, 2009

Before the first big snow, Bill built a bower for the birds. How many B's do you count in that sentence?

He built it of birch. There I go again.

And boughs of balsam from our Christmas tree. This is getting ridiculous. I guess I've got B. on my mind. Thanks to the miracle of sleepovers, the house is empty except for us. So why am I here blogging? Well might you ask.

Later...A couple of cardinals share her space.

This bunny thinks the bower is just fine, especially when I throw cracked corn, black oil sunflower and sunflower hearts under there. She is a birding bunny. I like to take pictures of her under there, hoping to get a good combination of pretty birds in the picture.Oh, sweet. A white-throated sparrow, a tree sparrow, and a female cardinal. She looks pleased. I love mammals that are kind to birds.

The tree sparrow shows off its wingbars, and the bunny shows her front paws.

My personal best: Birding Bunneh, eastern towhee, cardinal, and tree sparrow. We're honored to host three towhees, one a female! and five tree sparrows this winter. These shots were taken at dusk, through a window. It's been such a gorgeous winter for birdfeeding. The snow makes it all look so sanitary. As I write this, the snow is finally melting off and phew! the layers upon layers of sunflower hulls on the ground are not nearly so photogenic. Although the snow and ice inconvenienced us a bit, I adored it when a fresh inch or two would fall during the night and scrub everything clean again.

I'm going to do a series of snow posts now before winter is but a distant memory. I took brazilians of images which I will share with you while it is still winter.


Boy oh boy! Bodacious boughs.

I may not know my warblers from my goldfinches but I took one look at that last photo and I said, "towhee!" and whaddya know, I was right!

Love the snow/animals shots. The first one and the last one would make beautiful note cards.

This winter/snow lover is STILL waiting for a big snow dump here in the DC area. Little flurries now and then just do NOT do it for me. We have gotten some serious storms in February though, so there is still hope!

Keep the snow shots coming....

Ooooh, what a great idea. We'll have to try that one next winter. I agree it has been a wonderful winter for birdwatching - and I also agree that the fresh layer of pure white snow is much more photogenic than the dirty, hull speckled melted layer! I keep wondering if I'm going to have bird-planted sunflowers this summer.
I am a new fan of the towhee, myself. I made my first real ID of a female eastern towhee a few months ago when I was home after 'emergency dentistry'. I was able to really force myself to stand still and observe and then did my homework with my bird books (OK, and the internet). What a great feeling I had when I figured it out! I read they are more and more rare in my neighborhood so I decided she was my reward for a hurtin' mouth. Definitely the highlight of that day.

Julie, I love the bower idea! I've built many a brush pile, but have never tried that.

Your Bunneh looks very happy, certainly. I'm surprised Chet Baker doesn't keep them all away.

Glad you made it through your lovely but challenging winter storm.

That wouldn't be the same bunneh that had her babies in the vegetable bed, would it? Your love for her must run hot and cold.

Don't let Offica Pup bust the bunneh for her bad behavior!


verif word: banci

Gosh, I've only seen a female towhee once!

Please post more snow. Most are sick of it. I do love fresh snow when it's falling.

What a sweet, cute bunneh, and what nice birdehs to share their feed with said cutie-pie. We've been very lucky with the Towhees in our yard this winter, however their numbers dropped off this weekend with the warm-up.

By the way, please stop by my blog when you get a chance, I have an award that I am passing along to you.

I looove the bun. I miss ours. :(

Brazilians of photos? As in bikini wax? :-D

The last photo looks like it could be Photoshopped with so many wonderful friends gathered together! Bravo Julie!

Bring on the brazilian photos!

Bunneh? You have a Bunneh? Is Chet on vacation or is he just mellowing out.

It can't be his short legs( perfect height for Chet) don't keep him above snow level.

I never get enough snow ...bring it on.

Ahhh poetry....marvelous poetry. I just love it when you wax Brazilian.

That's a lovely bower for bunnehs and birdies! I liked the last photo with the towhee best.

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