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Scarlet Tanager--He's Baaack!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

This is a post about a scarlet tanager settin' on a post.

The post stands outside my studio window, and I can't remember why we put it up. Maybe to hang things off'n. I recollect a hanging basket on that nail there.

On this fine day there is something sitting on the post that's hard to miss. He seems to be comparing his reds to those of the geraniums.

In truth, he's considering a bath.

I have just cleaned the Spa and since he keeps an eye on it and on me, I know he'll be around soon after I put away the Comet and the scrub brush.

If I had silken plumage the color of a ripe jalapeno, I'd be fussy about where I bathed, too.

Inside, I am hyperventilating, hoping to catch a few more exposures of him with the red gerania.

I am not disappointed. He shuttles between the post and the Spa, perching, preening, ruffling, then diving back in.

He is a rocket, a smooth scarlet packet of beauty. And this bubbly Bird Spa has lured him out of his forest fastnesses.

Well, that, and a scrub brush and some Comet. Never think that the birds don't appreciate the many things, big and small, we do to make them happy.


Was there ever a bird more dramatically colored? Gorgeous!


He is a tanager among tanagers. They come in all flavors and he is Extra Sleek, Extra Perfect.

Dang Julie - that last photo is super ossum! Wow! I've seen both Scarlets and Summers, but never seem that close up. (oohs and aahs coming from the crowd)

P.S. I tried scrubbing out my bird bath with baking soda recently, and it worked remarkably well (I'm really on a kick of cleaning things with baking soda this year). See any reason why it would be harmful for the birds?

Dude. You ask this of a woman who uses COMET?

D'oh! Good point.

I was hiking along one day, a long time ago, at the Mill Grove Audubon Sanctuary outside of Philly and when I was done my hike, a couple behind me cheerily declared "You've had a curious scarlet tanager following you for quite some time!" I'm glad they enjoyed the show because I never saw the thing...and to this day, I still haven't seen one IRL..... I will though.... I will. (I'm hoping Kevin and Adrian will help!!)

Everytime I've seen a Sc.Tanager they've been well above me; lucky you to get to look downward on one!


Absolutely gorgeous!

Absolutely love the in-flight photo!
Such beautiful plumage.

Extra perfect, indeed!
(and so is the photographer!)

Breathtakingly beautiful.

Oh, he just takes your breath away, doesn't he? Gorgeous!!

I saw my first one a couple of weeks ago and I was blown away ... by its speed and its beauty.

I have a Vancouver Centennial by my birdbath but I get Western tanagers. Shy creatures they are, he of the scarlet face and daffodil body, and she of a mossy yellowy-green.

Great shots of a beautiful bird! I love that you were able to watch the back-and-forth activity, and the flight photos are really stunning.

Scrolling down, I kept thinking he looks like he should be on the starship Enterprise. But the in-flight photo--he really is a jalapeno with wings! Thanks for the photos, especially that one.

Love the action shots! (And the verification word: kingspaz.)

Utterly spectacular!

I come from a family of birders, but I don't know much myself. However, last year I saw my first scarlet tanager (two, actually), and without benefit of a field guide, I said to myself, Why, that is a scarlet tanager. Either that, or someone's on fire.

Lovely! Your very own firecracker!

Hello! I've found your blog in Tom Arbour's list and I really liked it.
And I loved this story and photos too. The bird is awesome. I wish we had such colorful birds here.

Love him. We get only the Summer Tanager here..Haven't seen it but once this summer.
LOVE your blog..your lil dog..and thanks for the info on Mr. Cardinal

Poor guy!!

smiles, Deena

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