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Life Around the Wren Nest

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dead Laptop Update: Apple has it as of this morning, and has ordered the part(s). Zick Update: Coping fine with Old Slow iMac and her ancient browsers. Keeps me off Facebook, and that's a good thing. I'm painting up a storm. Amazing what else you can get done when pages take minutes to load.

You may have gathered by now that I was rather single-minded about documenting wren family life. I loved it. It was exactly what my Science Chimpy brain loves to do, especially after two weeks of frenetic travel. Just to settle down and watch some birds--the same birds--doing what they do is my idea of heaven.

Watching any nest is really interesting, but there was so much else going on around this one that, while the parents were away foraging and the babies were sleeping, I took a few snapshots of other creatures on my front porch.

A silver-spotted skipper probes Geranium "Maverick Pink." I keep wanting to call it "Renegade Pink." I have a distinct aversion to the word "maverick."

A great spangled fritillary works on the Lobelia "Laguna Blue" in the wren basket.

A male ruby-throated hummingbird takes the morning sun on the wren basket bail.

And another feeds from a Little Beginner in the foreground. They like to catch the drips all around the cap.

Just so you can see where the nest was in relation to the front door, and to give you another mini-Chet Baker fix, here it is. It's the topmost, leftmost basket, the one with all the blue lobelia and pink gerania.

In case you're wondering, I don't pose Chet. He walks into whatever picture I'm trying to frame, and that's the truth. He walks in and looks right at the camera and tells me when he's ready for his closeup. How is this, Mether? I will stand by this pedestal and smile. I, Chet Baker, will transform your picture of plants from boring to charming.



That great spangled fritillary better watch it--especially if either wren parent is around. Of course if great spangled fritillaries aren't on the menu today, no problem.

"Amazing what else you can get done when pages take minutes to load."

I've been on dialup for years and can relate to your present, temporary situation.

I have yet to paint anything other than the house, however.

Glad your 'puter made it to the hospital and will be all well soon. Love seeing just everyday life at Indigo Hill. :c)

Its amazing how they walk into what ever has your attention! He's always a nice touch.

Love all the color! And yes, Baker is always a wonderful addition to any photo.

P.S. Saw your review on for Life List by Olivia Gentile. She is speaking tonight at a wonderful indepedent bookstore here and even though I'm crazy busy with work am forcing myself to go.

ahhhhhh.. a Chetfix to brighten up my day....


Beautiful images. The 2nd last image of the freezed frame of the hummingbird in flight is awesome.

That Chet, he's so mavericky. He must live with a team of mavericks.

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