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Chet Baker to Phoebe: Happeh Birthday!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hello everyone. It is me, Chet Baker.

photo by Phoebe Linnea Thompson

My sister Phoebe turns 13 today, at 11:49 AM. That was the exact moment that she came into the world. When they dried her off she had a little twist of bright red hair on top of her head. Everyone was amazed. Mether had been in labor for about a day and a half at that point but she forgot it all when she saw that baby. She says that baby looked right back at her and said hello with her eyes. If I had been there I would have sniffed her all over and then washed her face for her. I would have liked to sniff her ears and toes. But I was not there. I was not even born yet.

Phoebe likes it when I put my paws like this. We call it Steamboat Round. Cats think they are the only people who can do Steamboat Round, but they are wrong. Certain dogs can do it too. Certain handsome, flexible, sleek dogs like me, Chet Baker.

Phoebe said that the thing she wanted to wake up to on her birthday morning was a kiss from me, Chet Baker. I can understand why that would be so. I give the best kisses. Mether and Daddeh took me into her room this morning and I gave her a whole bunch of kisses.

I kiss Phoebe all the time, because she is the sweetest girl I know. She is very smart and funny and she picks ticks off me and makes me do my tricks and takes me for walks where we look for bunnehs and chiptymunks. I am learning how to run alongside her when she rides her new bicycle. It is fun. I am not supposed to cut in front of her, no matter what I see. Unless it is turkehs. They are the best things to chase. We spend a lot of time together.

However she is getting very big, and last week Mether was talking to her and all of a sudden Mether walked right up and touched her nose to Phoebe's, which is something I do all the time, and then Mether gasped and said something about Phoebe being taller than she is, which she is, I had noticed it awhile ago. Mether who is five feet five inches and who wishes she were taller so her Body Mass Index would look better says it happened overnight, while everyone was sleeping. Since Phoebe has always been taller than me I did not see what the big deal was. She is thirteen now, she should be big. If she was a dog she would be in the Old Folks Home.

It seems to me that Phoebe is just going to keep getting bigger and bigger. She is probably going to keep getting more beautiful, too. I am not sure she can get any smarter but she can probably learn a lot of new tricks. I do not know what is going to become of that girl, but it is something good I am sure.

Dictating my thoughts to Mether always makes me sleepy. My eyes start closing and my head droops and I fall asleep right where I am, which is right where I want to be.

I hope that Phoebe will always let me sleep on her lap, because she is the sweetest girl I know.

Happeh Birthday, Phoebe.


Chet Baker


Happy, happy birthday to Chet Baker's number one girl. Thirteen! That is a monumental year! Hope it is a wonderful one, full of joy and lots of goodness.

Is there a more graceful and lovely (not to mention leggy) thirteen-year-old? I think not. Happy happeh birthday, Phoebe!

(And Chet, don't you think it's time you came out as a Feline American? It's nothing to be ashamed of.)

there is this model from the 90s, i think, whose name was Kristen McMenamy or something like that. i think phoebe kind of looks like her.

Happy Birthday Phoebe!

I met you when you were an infant....and now you're a beautiful 13-year-old!! I hope you have a great day and the best year ever.


Happy Happy Happy Day, Phoebe!

Oh Chet, you love your sister so. Happy Birthday Phoebe!

Awwww... what a wonderful birthday letter from Baker! Happy Birthday to Phoebe!

Happy Teenage-hood to Phoebe! and that was all very well said Chet, but honestly, you need to learn to let your Mether get a word in edgewise sometimes...

Happy Birthday Phoebs! Enjoy the teenage years - they are gone so soon...


word verification - mentlyma (like your ma is mently after all the trouble with her 'puter)

Happy Birthday Phoebe! Oh to be long, lean and leggy at 13. Oh to be long, lean and leggy at any age!!

I would LOVE to be 5'5"! Being 5'2" leaves very little wiggle room in the extra mass department. Believe me, I gots some extra mass!!

Love Baker's cat pose. As in Harry Potter, I believe we should refer to Baker as a half blood. Half cat/half dog.

Way to make me cry, Chet.

Thirteen. Jeez.
Happy birthday, kiddo!

Happy Birthday, Phoebe!!!

Lucky for your readers J, that you take great dictation!

Happy birthday to lovely Phoebe.
And Chet Baker--you are one lucky dog to have joined this particular family.

Phoebe, watch out for the turkehs!

This is why I come here when I should be in bed instead. It's my addiction to laughter, I think.

At 13, Phoebe is already a young beauty. My Chloe just turned 13 and is ready for the old, farty dog home.

Happy B-day, Phoebe!

Chet, take good care of her!

What a fun birthday tribute to a great little gal! Happy 13th!

Happy, happy birthday, Phoebe. Have a joyous year!

That dog knows when she has got it made. Happy Birthday to Chet Baker's Number One Gal.

54th Wedding Anniversary Today

What a pretty young lady! I hope her teenage years do not cause Chet Baker angst. With that beautiful coloring. . . well, Chet may have to add "bouncer" to his duties, although Phoebe looks pretty darned capable and independent.

Good luck to you, Mom. I went through those years with three teens. I'm sure I'd still be 40, otherwise.

Hope your cake was delicious and you celebration super! Today is my daughter's 17th birthday, beautiful July babies you both are!

Happy Birthday, Phoebe!

And Chet, that was a very nice tribute you wrote to her. You are really a girl's best friend, aren't you?


Steamboat round, huh? We've always called it "sitting the kitty way" but I guess now we know that it isn't just limited to kittehs. Thanks for the edehfication, Chet!

And a very happy birthday to Phoebe, with many happy returns of the day!!! Is Phoebe's mom ready for a teenager in the house?

Happy Birthday (slightly belated) to Beautiful Phoebe and thank you for the information to Handsome, Sleek, Flexible Chet!

Beautiful pictures on your blogspot, a pleasure to view.

Jeff (New Zealand)

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