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Bluebird Boxes and Black Raspberries

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chet Baker loves to check bluebird boxes with me. He knows which locations are safe for him to get out of the car and which ones aren’t, and he waits patiently until we get to a place where he can make his rounds.

I know, Mether. I know I have to wait, because this road is too busy for me to get out and make my rounds. You can leave the door open even. I will not get out. Unless I see a cat or a squirtle. Then I might. But I would look both ways first.

Along the way, we see lots of nice things, and I always take my cameras along to record them. Here’s a common wood nymph, a big robust butterfly that comes out in June and flies through July.

Speaking of percs, here are some black raspberries. Mmm. The kids love picking them and feeding them to me as we walk.

You are not the only person who likes black raspberries, Mether. I am ready for you to drop that berry right into my smile.

If you look up Happy Dog in the dictionary, you would find this picture. He's home, he had a Marvelous Time at Camp Baker (thanks, David and Mary Jane!!), and he's on bunneh patrol again. Life is good for Chet Baker. Although sometimes I wish he'd divide down the middle like a hydra... David and Mary Jane have proposed an equal timeshare with us, kind of a way to spread his Bakerness around. Umm...can I think about that one? If that doesn't work out, they are already looking forward to having him back in September, when life gets crazy again. See and click on my new Midwest Birding Symposium ad on the right bar. We'll all be there (except Chet)--wanna come say hi?


I know folks are hankering for Honduras and Trinidad, but please keep these good old American summer posts coming for a while ... they are lovely.

That's one berry good canine!

Be still my heart. It's time for another up close and personal CB fix. I thought New River would last a year. I was wrong.

I agree with l.o.g. keep the summer posts coming - they assuage the fear and panic I have as I watch the sun set one minute earlier every day.

...the photo of your pup's smile made me laugh. He has to be the sweetest dog alive.

That DOG has us all smitten!
... and he's not even a Lab.

What a cutie.

He is pretty durn cute. Tonight he thinks he's so cute he should get spaghetti and S'mores Bars, just because.

Sara, thanks for the summer post vote. I like them too. I'm afraid I will have to delve into Honduras soon, as I have had another total laptop crisis today--this one apparently final, and I can't import or edit photos on my old slow desk computer. So it's into the archives I go. Becalmed again. Ugh. What a day it's been. My word verfication is "upsnet." Yeah.

WHAT!?!?! No Chet Baker at MBS? Is it too late to cancel my reservation?

(Just joking, of course. I am looking forward to the event even without CB.)


Although those hydra can be divided down the middle and grown into two, if you feed them enough they will sprout little cloned babies, too! (I've grown them in the lab feeding lotsa brine shrimp) Maybe that's what Chet Baker is trying to tell you: "FEED ME MORE!"

Think of all the joy we could spread if I could only bud my dog.

Love those big soft Chet lips. Looks like he's thinking about driving the car! Better hurry with those birdies, Mether!

I hate Fridays! I always forget you're not here! Sunday, it is, then.

Great post, I too like the "local" diary of summer posts. I particularly like how you chart your life with Chet Baker while bringing us all to interesting places in natural areas.

I guess that's why I keep returning to your blog.


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