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A Tanager Comes to Call

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I've written about the Bird Spa before. It attracts birds to my studio window that I really wouldn't see otherwise.

This lovely scarlet tanager visits most every day. He likes it when I scrub the Spa with Comet, clean the pump, and change the water. Then he comes more often, two or three times a day.

When he's had a drink and maybe a bath, he can't help but sing about it. Once he fetched up only a few feet from the window and I was ready with my camera.

His song sounds like a robin with a very bad sore throat--burry and harsh, not very melodic. That's OK. You don't need to be melodic when you flouresce. He could say BAP BAP BAP for all I care.

In this photo, you can see the retained feathers from winter plumage--greenish olive--in his lower wing.

You beautiful thing. Keep visiting, and I will keep scrubbing, because you deserve the best.


Ooooooo.... he's so pretty! So much prettier than his cousin, Mr. Summer! Don't tell Mr. Summer I said so, of course.

One of the most beautiful of all N. American birds (photos never quite do that shade of red justice).
As to: "You don't need to be melodic when you flouresce" -- I'm gonna remember that next time I'm out on a Friday night!

Gorgeous! Thank you, Julie!

Wondering who is Mr. Summer....but don't worry, Jayne, I won't tell!

Lovely bird, lovely photos!



He's a handsome one. I could watch him all day long. Thanks for sharing him with us.

Oh! I had a scarlet tanager in the empty lot by my house for one afternoon about 3 weeks ago. He was amazing! I so wish he wasn't just passing through! I could have looked at him for hours. Unfortunately, I haven't seen him since that day What a glorious sight he was!

Even with the sore throat and leftover plumage, he's one fine boy. He can come and sing outside my window any time. But I think he likes yours better.

Hi Julie- What a beautiful bird. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see him at my bird bath. Thanks for sharing him with us.
Richmond VA

What a wonderful treat. I wish they could visit the bathtub...maybe I'd clean more!

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