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Chet Baker Plants Beans

Sunday, June 14, 2009

You may recall last spring's post about Chet Baker helping me plant lima beans. I had soaked the beans overnight, and they got that beany smell, and Chet thought they needed to be buried, so he planted most of a row with his nose. That time, I was lucky enough to be there with my camera, and to persuade him to keep planting for me.

This year, I was planting string beans, similarly soaked, when I was called to the phone. I had dug the furrow, dropped the beans into it, and had just started covering them up when I had to run to catch the call. When I got back, the row had disappeared. The furrow was gone, and so were the beans.

Investigating further, I discerned the distinctive planting style of Chet Baker, Bean Planter. He considers loose straw to be just as good as soil for planting. Gardeners know that is not true.

Chet Baker.

Yes, Mether.

I see you have a dirty nose again.

What dirty nose? I do not have a dirty nose. I have not been burying anything.

I have been lying here the whole time you were on the phone, watching for bunnehs, like this. It is my job, and I am good at it.

So what happened to my row of beans, Chet Baker? They disappeared. They got planted, and not very well at that.

Oh, that. You found those beans I planted for you! I thought that was a very funny thing to do. I smoked you, didn't I?

There is nothing an American Gentleman enjoys more than a good laugh. It was a good joke, wasn't it?

Yes, Chet Baker, it was a good joke, as doggeh jokes go, and now I am going out to the garden to plant my beans properly.

Would you like some help?


He can come plant beans improperly at my house anytime he wants. Him with his schmutz-ey nose. Mmmmm-mmm. Can he weed, too?

I must say Farmer Chet has a verrrry contagious laugh!

Ruby helps me garden by digging holes when I tell her to. She wouldn't think to cover something up again though. Clever boy.

I can't take it! It was one thing when he was a virtual fantasy puppeh - but now that officially, pardon the pun, Kevin Baconed - I

He's soooooo innocent. I don't know how you could even think such a thing. His nose is just a bit dry.

I just read your article on NPR and had to laugh. Seriously, why do strangers (or friends/family) think it's okay to make disparaging remarks about our dogs? I don't take it personally though because in my humble opinion, Boston Terriers are the best breed out there!
Going to add you to my Reader now. Thanks again for the laughs and cute pics!

Hysterical! I have been suggesting to my dogs that they help with the chores. but that may not be much of a work saver....

Always good to hear what Chet's been up to, and glad he shared his joke with us.


I love hearing Chet Baker's side of things and the pictures are marvelous. I laughed out loud.

Tears of laughter here... Perfect post for the perfect breed.

Oh, man--when I read Chet Baker and beans in the same post title, I do confess my thoughts turned to things odiferous.

Hello friends, and sorry for the long hiatus (well, in comments anyway; the BlogAnt canned for you... )Must say it felt good to be unplugged for a week or so! We will be falling into Chet Baker's arms by tomorrow night and cannot wait. I'm writing from a little motel in Glendive Montana, and we're headed to Bismarck ND to fly home today. I've promised everyone fresh lettuce and snap peas from the garden, and we're all talking about Chet Baker and Charlie and how wonderful it will be to come home to them. In the back of my mind: mowing, weeding and unpacking these grotty suitcases...

I wonder he was really thinking?

What a proper American Gentleman he is!

Perhaps the helpful American Gentleman will help you unpack the grotty suitcases!

Adorable photos!

Poor Chet -- always the first suspect! Maybe he got that dirty nose sniffing out chippetymunk burrows after watching the chippetymunks steal those beans?

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