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June's Gifts

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So very many gifts in June, among them hanging baskets filled with treasured things from my greenhouse

Geranium "Frank Headley" left, "Maverick Hot Pink," right

There's the sound of running water in the pond out back

my crazy tea rose, "Rio Samba," a color-changer that goes from yellow to red over the life of the flower

the impossible bounty of the flower beds, that spills over

into container after container, all of the elevated ones filled with the things rabbits like. We are big on pedestals here.

Come evening, there may be thunderheads and storm light

and scared little boys to cuddle and comfort.

And there is always a dribble of dog.


ahhh....a nice cleansing view of southeastern Ohio in summer. Thank you, Julie!

I can almost smell the clouds and impending rain, but mostly, I can't get over how wonderful your garden looks! I appreciate everyone else's gardens so much more because of my black thumb.

Gorgeous flowers with riotous color--just the way I like gardens.
And you still travel AWAY from home? I could not leave such color--never mind the bunnies that need Chet Baker chasing.

Hi Julie,
I always enjoy visiting your spot for the local color and generally loving attitude toward life.

The garden shots are just lovely. My whole garden is a potted geranium in the front of the apartment building.

The dog is just precious.

Beautiful flowers, garden and birds. Thanks for sharing.

All the beautiful colors around your house. I love it! Do you have many hummingbirds there?

I need some pillars for my roses. Not the shrubs, and not the antiques. The hybrid teas. The rabbits outside of Chicago really love my Jackson Perkins "Whisper" hybrid teas.

The problem is the pillars would look kind of funny in my rose bed!

Chet Baker looks relaxed in the sun!

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