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Killing Mr. Smiley

Thursday, April 23, 2009

At some point in the game, Chet had to get hold of Mr. Smiley.

Although his first instinct is to rip a much-desired toy to shreds, Chet knows he mustn't do that. So he mouths it and chews very carefully, waiting for the shoe to drop and for somebody to yell at him. And he's not above a little taunting of his own:

All right, Phoebe. It's business time.

Chet Baker, if you chew that all up, we won't be able to play with Mr. Smiley any more. Give it to me.

I am sorry, Miss Phoebe. I cannot give it to you. Because it is mine now.

I'm sorry, Chet Baker, but you MUST give it to me.

And I am going to hide it in the closet so you can't get it.

Well, that is a rotten dirty trick. Why aren't you helping me open the door?

Roo roo roo rooooo!

Perhaps I can get it myself.

And here we have the definitive photo of the Boston terrier's Catpaw maneuver, rarely employed, but quite effective. Chet Baker is right handed, like his Mether.

He succeeds in opening the door, and grabbing Mr. Smiley. The Games Go On.


Mr. Smiley can't hide...

Chet Baker is a focused puppeh. BTs rarely lose a game.

Give up a toy or live mouse? NEVA!

Brilliant bouncing Boston boy! (He's lucky to have such a wonderfully indulgent (and lovely) big sistah.)

I fear Mr. Smiley may not be long for this world... 8-(

Shout out for Phoebe, I gave "The Young Birder's Guide" as a baby shower gift recently (start that library early)and a woman at the shower exclaimed "that's the book by Bill Thompson and his daughter Phoebe!" So Chet's Phoebe is Famous.

Actually, isn't Chet Baker right-PAWED?

Nope, Donna, em r hands, the way he uses 'em.

I've been in a kind of quiet desperation for the last two days, unable to access or even see my latest blog post. It's up for now. Blogger is all cornfused about my migration to a new server. Kudos and thanks to Katherine the Web Witch for making it all happen. Cross your fingers for a new post Sunday night.

He DOES look like a big cat doing that. Whoops! Please don't tell him I said that. You could tell him that I think he and Phoebe are wonderful to watch. . .

As soon as I read "CatPaw" my brain started playing the old Batman theme song. And there is a certain resemblance between Chet Baker's silhouette and that of the Caped Crusader. It's BatDog! Fighting against the criminal elements in Mether's Garden City: Squirrelt Joker, the Chiptymunk Riddler, and his arch nemesis, The Skunk. Nananananananana!

Hahahah ...How not to love!

I seriously believe that Mr. Chet and my beautiful Muska are brothers! Too similar.

There too we love Mr Chet:)

Gros bisous à Mr Chet!

I never get tired of reading about and seeing Chet Baker in action! I am Mrs. Smiley reading this post :-)

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