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I'm Migrating!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thanks to all you readers and listeners out there, all you Stumblers who believe love rules,*
I keep getting these email alerts that I'm about to exceed my domain bandwidth. It's a good problem to have, but it does require action. So I'm migrating to HostGator, which offers unlimited bandwidth for less than a third what I've been paying to host I might be invisible for 24-48 hours, might have no email service, might (gasp!) not update my Facebook account. The world will keep spinning, the lilac buds will keep opening, but you might not have Zick for a little while. Stay cool.

The ovenbirds got in yesterday. And I have an ovenbird with a strained wing, found blundering around inside a pet shop(!) in town and brought to me by my sweet friend NatureMama. I have had the bird for 18 hours and in that time he's eaten 70 mealworms, giving him a distinctively chesty look and earning him the name Piglet. While my domain migrates, I'll be turning over rocks looking for pillbugs and earthworms, hoping to get him in shape to continue his.

*Bruce Cockburn, again


Well, okay, just as long as you return quickly.
Good luck with your bird waif.

Yeah, what he said. Some of us can't do without you for very long or we'll dry up.

Can't wait to see photos of Piglet as he recovers.

I'm migrating, too! From Central Maine to Cape Breton. While I'm here, I wanted to thank you for the Zick Dough recipe.....the birds love it. Good luck with your new website site! Don't stay away too long, like I did!

Julie: I recently migrated my blog from to a self hosted at Took a little work but it was worth it.

New at blogging but learning fast and building a good blog. When you need a break from things go there and take a look. Some good bird pictures and other stuff there.


It's not a job, it's an adventure. No, wait, that's the army, not blogging.

Does this mean you're moving to WordPress as well?

Whaaaat? Did it happen yet?

Happy migration!

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