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The Fabulous Flying Baker Brother

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Brief technical note: I mentioned that I'm migrating to another server. My blog URL will stay the same, and with my fabulous Web Witch working on it, the transition should be seamless. But sometimes things go awry. Should you have any trouble accessing my blog in the next few days (let's say that you don't get a fresh post Sunday night; you just keep getting this same post into Monday), try clearing your browser cache, then delete and recreate the bookmark for my blog. I don't think there will be a problem, but it pays to be prepared. Back to The Bacon:

On a particularly rough day at school,  Phoebe came home and kind of crumpled up.

Nurse Baker has radar for crumpled people. I peeked in the living room to find him curled up with her, a protective paw on her leg.
The camera shutter (why can't they be silent?) brought Phoebe around, and Baker fixed me with a glare. Some things should be sacred, Mether. Nurse Baker is working here. Would you please?

Phoebe and Chet play like sister and brother. Even though he is a dog, the tenor of their games are very similar to those she plays with her human brother Liam. The root of most of them is: I have this, and you don't. Neener neener!

One such thing that Chet Baker set his sights upon was Mr. Smiley, a dopey inflatable, the kind of thing that can transform a kid's room from serene to junky just by its presence. Chet wanted it, bad. I would have been fine with his reducing it to smithereens, but Phoebe was sort of loosely attached to Mr. Smiley. If only to use it to tease Chet Baker.

Let the games begin!I want that thing, Miss Phoebe. I want it bad. I want to pop it with my teeth.

Well, then jump for it, Chet.

You will note that, in a concession to Chet's weak anterior cruciate ligament on his left hind leg, a leftover from having jumped off a hay roll as a puppy, we have padded the floor with a squishy bed. The dog is irrepressible. Boston terriers must boing, and boing again.

Roo roo rooo rooooo! This may be the definitive Boston terrier roo shot. He even makes his lips into an O.

This is one of those shots that you get, that when it pops up on the playback screen, makes you let out a startled squawk. Let's have a closeup.

Yes, that is his real, unShopped eye, and yes, he looks just like Steamboat Willie, the first incarnation of Mickey Mouse. Selective breeding is an amazing thing. We make dogs that look like blinkin' cartoon characters.

Obviously, Chet's been reading the same manual as Willie.

Because there are just too many fabboo Chet Baker shots to share here, I'm going to split it up. You can only take too much cuteness before there's overload, insulin shock and all that. Down, Chetfans, down. More Fabulous Flying Baker Brother on Sunday evening. That is, if the blog gremlins behave.


Chet flying is fun, but Nurse Baker with his paw on the patient is beyond words :-))

Jumping Baker, Rooing Baker, and Crazy-eyed Baker are all good, but Nurse Baker at work is the best. Good dogs just know when you need a helping paw, don't they? Hugs to Phoebe.


What a riot! Even before I scrolled down to the "roo roo" caption, I knew he was about to. My dog has the same look when she does it.

Sorry about Miss Phoebe's disappointing day, but it looks like Baker's got the consolation front covered very well. Incidentally, this particular photochimp isn't very familiar with Canon systems, but most digital cameras do have a menu somewhere (!) for adjusting the volume or turning off the shutter sounds if you wish.

There's nothing better for a crumpled person than a good canine friend. I'm glad that Nurse Baker was there for Phoebe!

Disappointment stinks but my goodness Nurse Baker is so comforting. Bickies to the Flying Baker!


I'm with everyone else, those Nurse Baker photos are so touching. I'm sorry to hear Phoebe did not make the team, but I'm glad she got some extra-special unconditional loves from her canine brother. Awwwwwwwww!!!!

Don't we parents hate it when our babies hit those bumps in the road?
I hope it works out for her and that she achieves her goal the next time.
That is amazing air time for such a short dog!

I am aching for Phoebe--oh, so been there done that. And even though I am now 64, I still resent not being "picked" for the field hockey team. I just couldn't believe it. What I found out, some years later, is that it was the "popular" girls. So when I went to my high school reunion a couple of years ago, I confess there was a modicum of sweet revenge when I saw how ruined looking they were, whilst I looked pretty d*mn good for a 60 + year old.
Where was I? Oh, sorry, wandered off into a high school revenge reverie.
Only thing was, I didn't have a Chet Baker. Had I, I am sure the revenge motif would have fizzled that same day.

Nobody who wishes to play on "The Team" should be excluded. (Einstein took years to get a professorial appointment.)
So sorry for Phoebe.... When that happened to my son, we switched to bowling and eventually the trophies just kept stacking up one after another...


I have the same camera as Zick, & I was certain there was a way to turn off the shutter sound. I scrolled thru all the menus and even resorted to reading the manual in my attempt to out-chimp the Chimp herself, but alas, I don't think it is possible to quiet this model.


Holy Cow, that Chet can really jump!
It's so fun to see the variety of expressions on his little doggy face.

Paw on Phoebe... Nurse Chet's the best. Hugs to Phoebe.

Oh, those eyes...! Don't ya love that little O they roo?

I've been at the receiving end of that BOING, and I think Boston's are related to kangaroos.

: )

Ah,the healing power of Chet Baker. {{{hugs}}} to Phoebe from her northern family.

-Katdoc--you are right, as far as I can tell. Although my Sony a700 does have a menu for noise volume, on a DSLR camera there's no way to further quiet the mechanical noise the mirror makes as it flips up during the exposure, so you will hear it no matter what. "Point-and shoot" digital cameras are probably better when you really want silence but even they will have zoom lens and autofocusing noise.

it`s human nature the dog .

On the shutter sound--having done a quickie Google search, the answer is. . .since it is the ACTUAL opening and closing of the lens, the sound you hear is NOT capable of being muted.

Baby Boston alert: See KatDoc's blog for April 24.

(No Zick, not mine, not yet. Just another cutie-pie for you to ogle.)


I can't access my blog. It's driving me crazy. There should be a post about Killing Mr. Smiley up...

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