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Boston Terrier Rescue

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

photo by Nina

It's taken us a long time to reach this decision, but we finally have.

It's time to find another home for our Boston terrier, Chet Baker.

He has proven to be unruly,
and has clawed all our furniture.
He is boisterous, HYPER

and fouls the air more times per day than anyone could imagine.
He interferes with my important work
and is inclined to be surly.
For all those drawbacks, he is not a bad-looking dog
except for the face, which we can't do anything about.
If you are interested, drop us a comment. We will entertain all comers.

Epilogue, April 10,2009: Well, I've gotten some emails from people who are catching up on their blog reading, don't think to look at the date of this post (APRIL FIRST) and absolutely cannot believe I am trying to rid myself of Chet Baker. Some in tears. I don't want anybody to cry over anything I write (unless it's really sad or totally heartwarming or hopelessly evocative) so I'm telling you right now: I have a 22 year old macaw who poops everywhere, chews cabinetry, kicks Chet out of his little dog bed, and has punctured me more times than I care to recount, and I haven't even come close to getting rid of HIM. As for Chet Baker, he's sitting pretty, squarely in the left ventricle of my heart of hearts. He ain't goin' nowhere.


Awww... I KNEW them dogs was HYPER! He does look very sneaky in that picture - very sly, conniving. And adorable!

For a moment I thought you were going to get a BT brother or sister for Baker!

Happy Hyper April Fools Day to you too!

Possumlady beat me too it!
Happy April Fool's Day & while your at it why not adopt out your kids & hubby too (and mine while your at it)

Posted by ystracy April 1, 2009 at 6:49 AM

I was thinking Boston sibling, too!

Send your little Boston nugget this way. We'd love to call him an Iowan. :)

I was thinking to myself, "there is NO WAY Zick is going to give up Chet Baker" and then realized it's April Fools Day.

Nice cut it out and go play with your dog.

Nice try.....

I suggest you give him to the circus where he'll get to play with CLOWNS to his heart's content.

I would take him for the surly face alone, which shows the sweetest plaintive eyes--oh, the love he has for you, Julie.
There could not be a greater fool's day proposition.

ME-ME-PICK-ME!'s a joke...

If you weren't so obviously enamored of that surly face, a newcomer might believe that Chet's days in Ohio were numbered. Yeah, right. You want to see surly? Try prying Baker and Zick apart. Nicely done!

You have certainly entertained all who come to this blog, Julie. Thanks for the plethora of Chetpix!

I'll take him. He looks delicious -- and I really need more dog in my diet.

Great April fools! If I didn't read this blog all the time you might have me going!

Heaven forbid.

Sharp intake of air followed by immediate grin and small giggle.

(Is there an emoticon for that?)

Jen, I think it's a little worried face with drips coming off it.

Phoebe is home sick with bad laryngitis. I brought her a latex pig toy that oinks hoarsely when you squeeze it. One oink for yes, two for no. Chet Baker will not stop trying to get it from her. Seriously. Somebody rescue this obstreperous dog, and find him a GOOD home.

Wait a second. What day is it today? I hope Chet Baker doesn't read the blog everyday, or at least has a sense of humor that equals his energy!

Good one, Julie.

Oh, right--if you gave up Chet Baker 1) what would you write about when inspiration flees you (has it ever); 3) what would you photograph when all else abandons you--orchids, trips to parts unexplored, high bridges across chasms, children frolicking in the snow, ice storms. . .oh never mind; 3) who would give you slurpy kisses when no one else does?

Anyway, nice April 1 post.

It is a welcome break from me reading (with worried brow) about the G-20 protestors in London--where my daughter and her BANKER fiance live!

You got me. You really got me. How funny.

OK, you rat!!! You had me for a minute. I was shocked, SHOCKED, APPALLED, SAD. . . Oh, damn. April Fool that I am.

That's almost too sickening to be funny, Julie.

But I think it's safe to say that IF he ever needed a new home, people would be fightin' over him.

Me Me...i love Surly dogs! you really need to get rid of him...

Adopt the Baker? No way, them dogs is just way too hyper!

Now excuse me while I go catch my wife. She's already printed a map and packed a bag for a rescue trip to Ohio. "Honey? She didn't mean it, it was an April Fool's joke. Honey??"

Okay all you BT lovers, you have GOT to check out this blog

Yes, it is a cat blog, but the most current post photos are a HOOT!!

Even I draw the line at dawghats, Possum.

Chet Baker asked me to tell you and PoppyQ that posting pictures of a Boston terrier in a knitted hat on a CAT blog is just wrong.

He looks so thoughtful when he farts.

For a nano-second, just a tiny milli-milli-second, you had me there.

I know this is an April Fools joke because I know you couldn't get rid of your sweet Chet even if he was guilty of all the above.

Well, I knew right away this was an April Foolie, but enjoyed the joke anyway.

When you are serious, remember that I have no sense of smell, and therefore can feed Chet all the Trader Joe chicken treats he wants without being offended by the gaseous emissions that follow.

Ergo, I am the best possible owner for CB, even though THEM DAWGS IS HYPER!


For a nanosecond, you had me.

Very funny!

I'd take him in a heartbeat.

Happy April Fool's to you, too!

first time visiting your blog and you're looking for a home for your dog... I was totally bumming...then I realized... that's just plain EVIL!!!

all I can say is "them dogs is hyper!"

Just send him north, he'll wear out the girls and the bears.

littleorangeguy is right: He does.

Hi Julie and Chet,
Maybes you would have been a calm subdued dude if your mom had bought you a woolly hat.

Thanks for visiting POPPY Q. We love all cats and woofies (even some of the stinky ones).

Julie (my mums name too) and Poppy Q

He melts my heart at every conceivable angle. My own dogs now sniff me every time I walk away from the computer as if to say " You've been lookin' at the Baker again, we know it. We can smell that Baker on you across the room - its the dogs that are supposed to drool not the humans".

I hate April Fools. For a moment I thought you were serious and had a cow. Chet Baker is the only reason I read your blog!

Gee, thanks econv.

I didn't get to your blog until April 2 and wasn't thinking about being a fool. I usually am a fool but that's by choice.

My heart hit my ankles and I couldn't believe what I was reading.

I almost picked up the phone to call you.

Fortunately for you, I read the comments. I might have burned your ears off.

Baker sneak under her chair and...

Fart on Dude!!

I would be surly too if someone put a polo shirt like that on me!!

He's so darn cute! this post made me LOL

my wife and I were planning to come down to pick him up this weekend...darn

If Chet knew he had a fan club, would he be cuter?

OH MY GOSH this dog is soooo much like our Buddy until it is unbelievable! lol He's also a Boston. Chet looks like our Chip but we had to have him put to sleep a few years back. :-( But he ACTS like our Buddy. The pic with the rake is soooo Buddy! He likes to attack the thing. Oh AND the vaccuim cleaner! He was after the pitch fork the other day and I was scared I was going to get him with it so I had to make him stop so he didn't get hurt. Buddy dearly loves squirrels and am so afraid one night when he's out to potty he will also get into a skunk! HOW did you get that off him?
LOL @ you with the April fools joke. You really had me wondering there because there is NO WAY I/we could get rid of our Buddy. lol

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