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Chet Baker, Stream Wader

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Taking Chet Baker along to Duck Creek raises the noise level considerably. There's the splash-splash-splash of his bounding through the shallows, the crack of his biting sticks into pieces (is that a mini Sasquatch wading in the stream??)the laughter at his attempts to swim (Awwwwww!!)

and the protests when he comes right up next to someone to shake himself dry.With, I'm sure, a few exceptions, Boston terriers are not much good in the water. It's hard to keep a short little nose clear of inundation. Chet spends a lot of time dithering about whether or not a pool is over his head. Forced to swim, he makes a good effort, but wastes a lot of energy panicking. I know the feeling; I'm a rotten swimmer. I'd like to think it's because we're both so densely packed with muscle.Pretty much everything Chet Baker feels shows on that little face.He'll do anything, even swim, to stay close to his people.


Hmmm... so perhaps the fact that my dogs both have long, pointy (dare I say snorkel-like) snoots explains, in part at least, why they are good swimmers?

Julie, all of these photos tell a sweet story - they're beautiful! But that fifth photo is priceless. Don't let the face fool ya - he's loving the adventure! He's proud to impress!

I remember Bella's first swim at Carolina Beach in Wilmington NC. After the first few minutes of panic and snorting, we couldn't keep her out of the waves - quite flat that day. She loved it! Chloe, hmmmmpf - she would have hated it and poo-poo'd the whole idea.

Love this post!

Seeing the picture of Chet Baker, head barely above the water, I broke out in an AWWWW--only to read your awwww!
Swimming is not my forte--I view it as trying to stay alive in the water. Thankfully, my kids swim well.

Dunno what's going on with the comments tonight, Kathi, so I posted yours under my name. I agree. Comment moderation is a colossal drag. Basically, I have to tend the blog in order for any comments to go up, and it has taken a lot of the fun out of commenting and inhibited the free flow, for sure. I'll try taking it off for awhile, but the minute I get those @#$@!#%$#% Runescape curd-heads spamming me, I'll put it back on.

I dunno, Mare, Bacon was pretty apprehensive about swimming, and only plunged in when he had no other choice. I had to pick him up and hoist him out of some deeper pools and got a fabulous case of poison ivy for my efforts. He runs through it with impunity, and passes it on to me. Glad to know B-b-Bel-Bel loves to swim. Not surprised that Chloe knows better. Thanks for the compliments on the photos. I am really liking what happens in low light with motion and water. They evoke the struggle, that's for sure.

Donna, yeah, staying alive in the water, that's it. Bleh. Raised by landlubbers! But thank goodness Phoebe and Bill are fishes and Liam promises to be, too.

Awwww... he gets an A for effort!

As the proud parent of two boston terriers, your stories about Chet always warm my heart. My girls bring laughter and love into my world daily as Chet Baker brings to you.
Great story!

Our beloved Boston sinks like a stone.

All right, Mither. You gotta dish here. I went to your profile and there is a picture of you being kissed by a dog that could be Chet Baker. So is Mither anything like Mether? (assuming you read my blog and know that I am Chet Baker's Mether).

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