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Chet Baker and The Lady With Treats

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Photo by Phoebe Linnea Thompson. Chet Baker has Not Approved this Photo.

I am upset that Mether is using this picture. I think that I look like a toad in this picture. I cannot help it. They were squeezing me.

On Saturday, when Mether and I were hanging around the house, this very nice lady came to visit us.
She had treats, and she gave me a lot of them. They were liver, salty and chewy and good. Very good. Instead of giving them all to me, which is what I wanted, Mether took them and put them in a jar. No amount of woofing will get her to give me more than one a day. Mether is no fun.

This lady is a lot more fun than Mether. I am bored with Mether.

This lady knew how to give a dog a massage. When she did that, I decided to jump up on her lap whenever she sat down. I woofed at her when she got up so she would sit back down. The massage felt that good. It worked, the woofing. I got more massaging.

Which is a good thing, because my muscles are tight. I have a stressful life.
Well, I do. Do not think that you are the only person with stress in your life.

I sat on her lap as much as I could, even though she was jumping up and down too much, to look at turtles and spiders and flowers and birds. She and Mether laughed a lot and talked very fast. They talked a great deal about me, which is something that I enjoy.
In my opinion, she is a little too busy with her camera. She took pictures of my mouth. I do not know why. But she and Mether were laughing a lot, and a Boston terrier knows one thing: Laughing is good. So I showed her the whole inside of my mouth, which is big. I think she was impressed.
I really, really liked that lady, and I hope she comes back soon. The liver treats would be good to bring again. Also a stuffed cat, that would be good too, because the one that she brought me is already out of stuffing and the squeaker is gone. But I would settle for just some kisses. And a back rub. Do not forget to rub my tail area.


That does it!!... this Halloween I'm dressing up as a Boston Terrier, driving to Whipple, Ohio, and knocking on doors 'til I find your house JZ...

Ah, Chet Baker... I'm afraid you do look ever so slightly toad-like in that first picture, but then I think toads are adorable, so it's not such a bad thing. You should tell your Mether that Z (who resembles a mule deer in many of his photos) has a personal canine massage therapist who comes to the house once a week and trades agility lessons for doggie massages!

Dear Chet,

When Susan visits, she brings you liver treats and gives you massages. When I visit, I trim your toenails and disapprove of you eating people food.

No wonder you love her more than me.


Dear Kathi,

Boston terriers love everybody equally. It is part of our breed standard. We just love people who massage us and give us treats a little more equally. Why don't you come visit and bring me treats and a stuffed cat and give me a massage and we will see how you stack up.

We are also very good at solving people's problems. The way I see it, there would not be a problem if you just changed your behavior.

I do not understand what you mean by "people food." All of the people in this house eat the same things. Roast beef, chicken, sometimes gravy on our food. Liam eats my kibble sometimes. That is fine with me.

Dear Chet,

Don't fret. I have two toad faces staring at me right now and they're lovely, just like you. You would like Bel Bel and maybe Chloe, too.

If I showered you with liver treats, massages, and kisses like Miss Susan did, would you let me take your picture, handsome boy? I would invite you to sit on my lap and let you lick my plate! I don't think Mether would mind too much. I would NEVER clip your nails :o)

Oh, Bacon, I know...that Mether just doesn't take care of you like I could.
But she loves you, so try and stick it out, k? time, I am bringing you chicken strips and homemade gravy to pour on them. Don't tell Mether.

Now I know how you accomplish so much, Julie!
Chet is a great blogger.
And Phoebe handles the photography duties very well.

You could take a vacation and leave them in charge!
I bet Charlie would like to try your watercolors?

Mare, Susan, Kathi, I am already rolling my eyes, thinking of the potential treatfest at Opossum Creek. I'll just leave his kibble home.

Nina, Charlie has logged 22 years on my drawing table, and he still walks over to the palette with that "I could do SO much damage!" look in his eye, to be told, "No no paints, Charlie."

One of the many differences between macaws and dogs is that macaws think the rules hold only as long as you are watching them.

Zick, supervising macaws since 1986...

Oh Chet Baker--you got only one wrong. How could you be bored with your mether?!?
All her readers are never bored, but of course you are frequently the subject of her writings, and you--dear doggie--are the furthest thing from boring.
Just want to let you know that a mixed breed dog here in central PA (named Tipper) says HEY. And she wants to know how you got to write a blog. She has been asking me to let her write, and I keep saying "You don't have an opposable thumb. . .whatever that is."

I don't know if I can smuggle, err, bring liver treats across the border CB but I'll give it a try when we come for the Big Sit.


Sorry, that's from Zeke, he's a Jack Russell and he's a tad bit ADHD, gets distracted very easily, which wreaks havoc on his blogging. He probably meant to say that he loves stuffies too, but he hasn't learned to de-stuff his yet, so I didn't let him read that part. :oP

That is sooo JRT, to use all caps.

Chet Baker says to tell Zeke the best seams for opening are usually in the groin area of the toy.

That Susan has all the luck!

I knew that Chet had a charmed life, but all this and opposable thumbs. What a pup!

We have a Boston named Newton, and we all enjoy Chet's adventures!

Chet Baker......handsome AND lucky with the ladies! A true American gentleman.

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