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Asking for Bigfoot

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I got a lot of cool stuff for my birthday. It was one of those birthdays where you can ask for pretty much whatever you want. I asked Bill for voice lessons and he came through. I am enjoying them more than you can imagine. My teacher is Jess Baldwin, who also happens to be our fabulous keyboard artist and singer in the Orangutangs. Once I got over the thought that I’d be singing pop songs in front of my voice teacher, which took about five minutes, everything was cool. Singing with Jess is like having a rocket booster behind me. She lifts me higher.

We sing this Friday at the Marietta Brewing Company, 9-2. Yeah, 2. Which means we fall into bed around 4:30, after packing up all the equipment and driving the half-hour home. But we've been rehearsing like crazy and we are ready, Eddie.

In Southeast Ohio parlance, I’m all ate up.

I also specifically asked for this item, and I did not get it. I don’t understand why. It’s only $98.95. Maybe it’s because the idea of a Bigfoot sculpture that is only 28 ½” tall is inherently ludicrous.
To quote Spinal Tap's manager, it is in danger of being trod upon by a dwarf.

Well, sometimes you need to be careful what you wish for. Have a great weekend. I plan to be on for half of it, comatose for the other half.


It is a bit of a stretch to have a Bigfoot sculpture only a foot taller than your garden gnome.

We might need an audio of the Orangs with the "trained" voice of JZ. Knock'em dead.

Have a carefree and relaxing weekend.

Man, if'n you want it that bad, I bet I could repurpose a Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure into a Bigfoot Doll for you. (I suspect my CCLAF is actually a repurposed Howard Stern Action Figure, so it's not that big of a stretch.)

I was busy having wicked migraines during (and a bit after) your astrological birth month, which severely curtailed my computering, so I hope you won't mind if I oh-so-belatedly wish you a very happy birthday! I'm glad you managed to fit a major good time into your scarily busy schedule. Slainte!

Bill of the Birds wants me to clarify. What actually happened is that he tore the page out of Skymall and was ready to order it (shipping cost more than the thing itself) and I stopped him.

Record straight?

Break a leg!!

Oh, I think I now know what to get Tom for his birthday. Thanks!

I cannot believe no one bit on the Big Foot. Could he maybe be found under your tree in December?

That's hysterical Julie!! I can just see him living on Indigo Hill!

I am sure your new vocal prowess will just knock everyone out. Have fun singing your hearts out. Wish we all could be there with a brew. :c)

Hey! I got voice lessons for my birthday too. But I was doing spirituals and Cole Porter. LOG would love this Bigfoot. Alas.

Oh, you'll have your Bigfoot. When you least expect it!

Sing on, Julie. Your speaking voice is so musical...your singing voice must rock.

Have a great weekend.

Well gosh Julie, you already sing pretty darn good....I'm thinking voice lessons will move you towards diva status.
Hope the rest of those Swingin' O's can keep up! ;-)

I think every woman needs a Garden Yeti.
Just my humble opinion.

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