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Home, To Ice and Snow

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I have to love snow for its beauty, at least when it's fresh. A very light snow over the cement on our patio gave me the most perfect possible rabbit tracks. Baker's warm little paws in the morning added a grace note to the snow-dusted rabbit tracks of the night before.

Just around the corner, a set of white-footed mouse tracks. I've trapped a dozen in the basement this winter. How I wish they'd stay outside.
The snow laid a big egg in a song sparrow nest in a barberry in the front yard. Just when I decide that barberry (a potentially invasive Japanese import that was supposed to stay tiny) HAS TO GO, a song sparrow decides to nest there. If a barberry has any beauty, it's that a song sparrow can nest completely undiscovered within its dense armor. Now what?
On to more charismatic vegetation. Smilax leaves catch the cold sun. A black raspberry leaf, rimmed in ice.
A cardinal huddles in the chill wind.
I'll bring you some more icy birds tomorrow. I guess one good thing about going to Nebraska right after Guatemala is that it prepared us for the shock of snow-smothered Ohio. We're sitting in the Columbus airport, now only 2 1/2 hours from home. What a trip, what a March. Stay warm!


Drive safely home, please! You have made it this far. I can't wait to share your adventures when you post.

BTW, it is +38F in the shade, +51F in the sun. Doesn't that seem strange?

Yes, Ohio got it pretty good. Be careful and rest well. We all look forward to hearing about your wonderful two weeks!

It is lovely and warm here, 11 Celsius, we have an early spring. I love your pictures of the frost on the can make the ordinary seem extraordinary in your photos.

Looks as if we are on the same snowy page.

barberry is ifs, ands, or buts. If you see it, get rid of it, LOL!.

Hope your trips were swell. On the upside...two male redwing blackbirds at my feeder today, Pooo-weeeeeeeeeeee ing at each other, AND an over-flight of Sandhill Cranes.

Spring's on it's way. Keep the faith. Mine was renewed today.

Your friend in Chinese White, April

Spring is on its way! My female bluebird was taking nesting material into the house yesterday. We know that SHE knows. Spring is definitely in the air.

Wonderful wintery pictures, Julie!

The weather got a little cold (for Texas) around here over the last few days, so we spent half the weekend watching the mockingbirds and a handsome cardinal and his lady take turns with the feeder seeds and some crumbled leftover biscuits that we spread across the back porch.

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