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Driveway Mandala

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Some ice patterns in the driveway caught my breath. It was as if Peter Max and an ancient Aztec sculptor stopped by on their way to Eternity, and left me a message.
Yes, Peter, I see it, and it's beautiful, but what does it say?
Maybe it doesn't have to say anything. But my poor pop-art addled brain kept seeing a Blue Meanie.
These babies were big, and I had brought only my long telephoto lens (duh), so I had to shoot them at a distance and at an angle. But I'm glad I had a camera with me, because they'll never be repeated in just this way on any other day. I'm still getting a Peter Max feeling from these, a yellow submarine chugging along, puffing out white smoke.

While the first three defied description, this one grabbed me by the arm. You could see it carved on a Aztec stela, protruding from jungle vegetation: a jaguar shaman, kneeling in prayer, or preparing to spring.
Just a little driveway mandala, all the more beautiful for its impermanence.

We're on our weary way home from Nebraska today. More nodding, bolt upright and folded into airplane seats. Now I'm glad my blog elf slept on the job last week...I won't have to dream anything up for a couple more days. Bill and I are in a land somewhere in the mists beyond exhaustion. But our sweet kids and millions of Baker kisses await.



I will never get tired of looking at natural ice sculptures like these. I agree that their ephemeral nature and individual uniqueness make them fascinating photo subjects.


I'm a huge fan of your blog and gives me great vicarious joy to experience the day through your and Chet's eyes as I sit, office-bound, in front of my computer. Let's give credit where it's due though: Heinz Edelman was responsible for the look of Yellow Submarine.

All good ants get to rest once their day is done. Glad you had some lovely posts to share with us so we would not have Julie withdrawal. :c) The ice is like looking at clouds. Have a safe journey home and enjoy the wet kisses.

Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing. Isn't it funny how you so often have the wrong tools for the job when it comes to photography - switching lenses while the bird vanishes into thin air!

Wow, what beautiful shapes this ice ended up forming, great captures Julie :)

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