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The Boy Can't Help It

Monday, July 31, 2006

When we pull out the lawn chairs, we always put up an extra one for Chet, who enjoys being part of the dinner table conversation. He listens attentively and hopes that someone hands him part of their dinner, but he is never pushy about it. He looks particularly hopeful here.

Chet Baker has one of the most expressive faces, human or animal, I've ever seen. I never tire of capturing his moods with my camera. He loves to be photographed and I am certain that he mugs for the camera.
I have mentioned in earlier posts that Chet occasionally suffers from flatulence. It is sad, but true. Some of his little issuances are audible. He knows that these are a real no-no.Oops! Did I just....umm....did anyone hear something?

I am terribly sorry. It is the dried chicken breast strips from Trader Joe's that do it every time. I wish I did not love them so much.
You are hurting my feelings now. It is not that funny.

Boston terriers love to be laughed with, but not laughed at. So after the air clears, Baker always gets a kiss to make it all better. Phew! BAKER!
Bill will kick him out of bed for such a transgression. I never do. Every Boston terrier puppy should come with a book of matches. Other than that small, easily overlooked flaw, they are the perfect dog.


Some play guitar, some piano, some fiddle (and some, played like one). Chet's a flatulist, a wind-breaker -- a natural born booty-tooter. Let's just hope he doesn't develop a taste for pyroflatulence.

The story of Chien Baker, even with his audible olfactory offending flaw, makes me long to give up my insouciant, pet-free life and have a dog as my companion.

This can't be true - no comments? I'm back a few years later, laughing like I did before. It is 5:20 a.m. and I'm enjoying my day so far. Thank you!

Ah, what's ONE little flaw? Hmmm?

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