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Baker Loves Jen

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Jen Sauter, peerless event organizer and heartbeat of the Ohio Ornithological Society, meeting Luther. This picture was taken right before Luther left on July 9. Not many people get to have a phoebe eat out of their hands. Jen appreciates the moment fully.
Since we've had Chet Baker in our family, having guests has taken on a different meaning. Whether our houseguests are dog lovers or not matters not to Chet Baker. His personal mission is to MAKE them love him. Most of the time it works really well. Even when he's not getting quite the attention he had in mind, he keeps trying. When Nancy Tanner visited, Chet kept landing on her well-groomed lap. She'd laugh and say, "Go sit on Janet's lap! She LOVES dogs!" Chet chose never to receive that message.

Other visitors, like my friend Mary Alice, have actually plotted to smuggle him out of Indigo Hill. This is something that Chet would probably go along with, but then he'd start missing us and get all mopey. So be warned, MA. It's not going to work in the long run. Mopey Bostons are much worse than many other breeds: more eye to roll, and lots more google in the eye.

When our dear friend Jen Sauter came to visit, Chet was in doggie heaven. Jen has an Australian shepherd and loves dogs. She knew all the right games and caresses, and she loved having Baker as her lapwarmer.Jen made Baker fly with one of his favorite toys, a soft nylon lead rope.
Baker returned the favor, making sure her neck and face were clean to his exacting standards.I have a Brazil nut scented body butter that drives Baker wild. Don't know what Jen's wearing.
We have friends who I'm pretty certain come to see us more regularly now that Baker's part of the picture. He does know how to make people feel welcome. Come back soon, Jen!


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