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Thanks for the Marathon

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Finished, with medals!

Not long ago, I posted about my two nieces, Christy and Courtney, who were to run P.F. Chang's Rock and Roll Marathon in Phoenix, Arizona, to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 26.2 miles. I'm trying to imagine doing that. I walk three, maybe four miles at a time, up and down hills, clambering around through the woods. Just got back from a brisk 2-hour hike. Baker's in a puddle on the floor. But twenty-six miles?? It takes training and dedication. Having a twenty-something body doesn't hurt, either.

My sister Nancy, (their mom) and sister Micky (aunt) both went out to Arizona watch them run. How I would have loved to see that.

Both Chris and Courtney finished the marathon. And I am so proud, I could bust. Pretty darn good time, too! Five hours, 24 minutes and 30 seconds. Together they raised $8,100 to help fund the fight against blood cancers.

And, my good blog readers, $600 of that considerable sum came  from YOU.  We're all blown away by your kindness and generosity. This is a powerful thing, this connection we have, and I feel it every minute of every day.

Thank you.


I am in awe and I admire runners. A brisk power-walk is all I'm able to do. I'm proud of them, as well.

Just received a hand written thank you card from your nieces. How unexpected and thoughtful!

I used to run 5Ks around 10 years ago. It was agony finishing every one. A marathon just blows me away. Not in my wildest dreams.

A co-worker's 21 year old step-son was just diagnosed with lymphoma so this marathon came around at just the right time.

bless your nieces! I can't believe that anyone can run 26 miles and live to tell the tale.

DH and I donate to the Lymphoma walks/runs every year in our area. It's a good cause we believe in, and next year we will donate in your pop's name.

I can't participate because I have MS, but if I could, I would!

Way to go girls!

I am so proud for them. That is such an accomplishment!

OMG... I was depositing my nephew at ASU that morning and spent a couple of hours trying to find my way back home, winding in and out around the marathon course. I probably drove right by them! Such a small world we live in!!

Congrats to them and to your readers who are together-enough to have sponsored them!

This is such a worthy cause and has touched each of us in some way so ...way to go girls...Good Job!!!

I really like how you --and we, clearly-- feel that we are a kind of community. It was especially nice to read this after listening this weekend to a CBC (our NPR) program on electronic communication and networking, which featured a lengthy report on the lack of real community in electronic fora, blogs, cat sites etc -- the POV being these sites appear to be communities but in fact are just a series of elctronic loops connecting anonymous people. I thought of your blog and the people who meet here regularly. Many of us may never have met, many of us talk to each other only in your comments pages, but we do kind of know each other. It feels like a real place.

CHAT sites, not cat sites. We know for sure it's everyone for herself at a cat site.

I love the energy and fierceness of young people. These two nieces look radiant; I marvel at their stamina. They inspire me to reach harder toward my highest self.

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