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Oona Returns

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oona came back to stay for a day not long ago, a gray rainy yucky day when I had been planning to hole up in the tower with a warm laptop. It's nice to have fluid plans. It means you get to spend time with little people, among other things. So I changed my agenda to include picking up around the house (something that always needs to be done) and cleaning bathrooms, both activities which are compatible with following a toddler around.

Oona is now an Official Toddler. A Kid. Not a Baby Anymore. She is walking. She walks like a sailor on a shifting deck; she walks as if she's straddling two circus horses, a foot on each back. But she walks, and she gets where she wants to go. So I walk behind her. Luckily, Oona likes to be with me because there's not a whole lot else going on in the house, so sometimes I get to walk in front of her.

The weather was rainy and dark, so my shots are ugly and flash-lit, but the subject matter is as appealing as ever. Oona likes to sit on beds and couches because she can get down by herself now. Chet Baker doesn't believe this, though, and it makes him nervous that she'll fall. Here, Oo gently strokes her protector.

I will not let you fall, small baby. Chet Baker is here, and you will be safe.

Casting a hurried glance at Oona, and judging that she would stay put for a moment, Chet leapt off the bed and grabbed a NylaBone, so he'd have something to chew while watching her.This all makes me nervous. I need something to chew. This small baby might topple off the bed, and whose fault would that be? Yours. I do not think you are a trustworthy caretaker of this small baby, always behind that camera.

Oona caught sight of herself in Phoebe's bureau mirror, and flashed her ample tummy. That is the best belly bread since Phoebe was 1 1/2.Because you (Sylvan, Margaret and Zane), cannot have too much baby tummy, a living Kewpie:Chet Baker decided to check the driveway for delivery trucks, and the yard for winter bunnehs.In a perfect example of nonverbal interspecies communication, Oona followed his lead.
Soon enough, Baker returned to his post at the corner of the bed. This picture taken in natural light.I wonder what Margaret and Zane would think if they knew you left the care of this sweet small baby entirely up to me, Chet Baker. They would probably be relieved that Oona is in such capable paws. No thanks to you.


Ooooohhhh....Oona was on the list when Vivi was born. It was a little too Celtic for Tom, though.

Mr. Chet Baker is quite the diligent babysitter. I really like watching his and Oona's interactions. Too sweet.

For a non-herding dog Chet seems amazingly capable and focussed! Of course Oona is dang lucky she doesn't have seams or button eyes...

Oona and Chet are precious together ! Such a delightful post and commentary, thanks.


Good doggy, good friend, thank you both.

BTW, alpaca is about my favorite knitting yarn and I love your pictures of all their sweet funny faces.

-- Sylvan

Oona is a lovely little girl who will remember and love Chet Baker forever. He's her guardian angel.

Cyberthrush cracked me up. No seams or button eyes! Lucky Oona!

Following a toddler is exhausting, isn't it?

I have no doubt Chet's doing a great job as Oona-caretaker. I mean, just look at them.

That photo of them both looking out is priceless! LOL Cyberthrush!

Loved this post Julie! Oona is so cute, how can you not blow raspberry bubbles on that tummy? I would never get anything accomplished if I had that little kewpie in my house! Chet is such a multitasker...wonder how he keeps from blowing raspberries bubbles on her tummy?

Chet is the perfect Babysitter.
Oona is the perfect baby to sit.
Lucky Chet, lucky Julie....but I think Oona is luckiest of them all!
Great post Julie!
Hugs to you all..Dorothy

What a cute babehsitteh.

Oh such a smug look Chet Baker has. You have his voice down precisely!
And I do love the photo of baby see dog, follow dog example!

Okay, that is just too cute! Oona is precious and Chet is a real gentledog I mean. I love Chet Baker's attitude. You can never be too careful. Well done, Chet!

Oh did OOna and Chet did bring back memories. I have a picture of my daughter at about the same age looking out the front door with her arm around my Sister's dogs neck. They were watching for some winter action. Too sweet.

I love the shot of them both looking out the window. Looks like Chet's a couple of inches taller than Oona - probably not for long.

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