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Chet's Party

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chet Baker does not usually have a place at the kitchen table. Well, not a place with a dinner setting. He does like to sit in an empty chair and watch us eat. On his birthday, however, he gets to eat with us. These pictures are from his birthday party. Our friend Jeff Gordon was visiting from Delaware, so it was extra festive. It was a modest birthday party, with a nice meal and presents wrapped in newsprint. It was a dog birthday party. Chet Baker turned three on December 12, 2007.Are you sure it is all right for me to get up in this chair? There is some turkey burger on that plate there.
Oh, thank you, Sister. Turkey burger, squash and lima beans is quite a nice meal for me.Mmm, mmm.
I am saving the butternut squash for last. I love it when Mether makes it with vanilla, cinnamon and almond extract, with a touch of fresh ground nutmeg. And I appreciate the Portmeirion.

I still cannot believe nobody has told me to get down. I had better finish this off quickly before Daddeh comes to his senses and says something in that big voice. I do not like his big voice.

I love this kitteh they gave me. And I got all its guts out in less than an hour.

Note from Mether: The stuffed toy with the beady eye is Orangefeet, a mallard duckling puppet, Phoebe's familiar since she was two. Chet would no more chew Orangefeet than he would growl at Oona. He knows all the rules, and understands. Interestingly, he likes to use my Ugly Doll "Big Toe" as a pillow, but has never once chewed it. I do keep my alpaca teddy bears out of reach. Even the best doggeh can be tempted, and even Chet Baker falls from grace now and then. If you need a laugh about now, and who doesn't? please click here for Chet being Bad.

Happeh birthday to me, Chet Baker, luckiest dog in the world.


Lima beans?! I seem to recall many, many, many posts about Mr. Chet's gasesousness. Does he really need the help?

Happy Birthday Chet. And you got to eat off the good china. I recognized that. What a lucky dog.

Happy belated birthday Baker!

Who'd a thunk that the life of one little Boston Terrier would bring so many smiles and laughs to countless people around the country.

Happeh Birthday, Chet!

He's the dog of a thousand faces and laughs. We forgot the birthdays of both Chloe & Bella this year - the SHAME! There will be parties in 2008.

Thanks for the giggles tonight. His expressions are priceless.

When I die, I'd like to return as a doggeh in the Zickefoose Thompson home!

Aw, Nina, you don't have to die. I'll make you a turkey burger.

Happy belated birthday to you, happy belated birthday to you, happy belated birthday dear Chet, happy belated birthday to you!

A belated Happy Birthday to Baker! Sounds like a fun party. :c)

Wow! Happy Birthday, Chet! What a lucky dog! So cute! Ruby still needs to learn a bit from Chet. She likes to sneak into the kids' rooms and steal toys -- "But they have so many toys," she says plaintively. The refrain, "No! Not Ruby's" can be heard often (although it is decreasing as she gets older) in our household. :) Good dog, Chet!

Dear Chet,

Happy Birdie Two Ewe,
Happy Birdie Two Ewe,
Happy Birdie Dear Chet....
Happy Birdie Two Ewe....

And may you have many many more!!!

hugs and head scratches...

Dorothy (Chet Groupie)

Happy belated birthday CB

Happy birdday, you handsome pup, you!

Happy Birthday Chet! Each year that I read your birthday post I feel guilty about not throwing birthday parties for my pups. Maybe this year...

It's Bakerpalooza this week. I approve.

Happy Birthday, Chet Baker, and I wish you many more!

You are one lucky puppeh!

Many Happy Returns of the Day, Chet Baker! What a special birthday. After only a few days reading your blog I'm now a dedicated Chet Baker fan. What a Super Boston Terrier! :-)

Happy Birthday Chet,
Thanks for the smiles and laughter. Once you gave me a stitch in my side. You are a marvel. Celebrate yourself.

Fiona (our 13 1/2 year old Boston Terrier) eats at our table in her own chair with her own plate every night. Our guests at Thanksgiving consider having a dog at the table to be the best part of the event, I think. She is amazingly well behaved about it. Except sometimes for the excessive drooling...

Happy Birthday to Baker in Birdland - you are the luckiest dog in the world. Wishing you many, many more with lots of stories to entertain us.

Now you've gone and done it. You allowed as how Chet Baker not only gets a party, but gets to sit at the table, eat off the china, AND gets presents.
Wouldn't you know it--my dog was sitting next to me when I began to read your post, and--seeing as how she is a border collie and mighty smart--she read it!
So now she wants her own party.
Thanks a heap, Chet Baker!

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