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Wildlife Banquet

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Those kwazy kawdinaws. This is a November baby cardinal, photographed on the Day of the Dead, November 1, 2009. Not more than two weeks out of the nest, he is, and begging like mad for some sunflower hearts. Cardinals are the most prolific birds on our place. They nest from April through October. Think it has anything to do with the sunflower subsidy? Me, too. I have a hard time believing cardinals living on the edge of a woods miles from any human habitation are still feeding babies in November. I'd love to be corrected on that, by the way.

I enjoy offering a variety of foods to wildlife. We welcome squirrels, and enjoy seeing them try to get past our baffles. Squirrels very quickly get the picture, and figure out ways to circumvent mere baffles. However Chet Baker, our own Offisa Pupp, soon sets them straight and sends them packing, tails fuzzed to the fullest, for the trees. No squirtle gets by Offisa Pupp. He busts 'em all.

This squirtle ate a grape or two, but he was really trying to figure out if he could jump from the birch snag to the feeders, bypassing the baffle. He made it, but in the end he moved on. Too much heat from Chet Baker, crusin' around in the black and white.

An eastern chipmunk enjoys the grapes, too.

Who's that with the gentle eye, back in the woods?

The button buck moseys out and samples some Russian prune leaves.


What great pictures. Makes me feel like I'm there watching the wildlife, and Chet of course, with you. Thanks for sharing. Go get em Chet.

Posted by Anonymous November 25, 2009 at 1:44 PM

A bunch of grapes on a stump--what a splendid idea! How many old, squishy grapes I have tossed out over the years.... Ah well. Must change the way I think about old food.

Much to be thankful for up on Indigo Hill!

I think I'll follow your lead and move my grapes from the compost pile to the feeding post. My chipmonks seem to have disappeared the past 2 weeks. Before that, 4 of them were everywhere there was a bounty of sunflower seeds.
I am thankful for time to watch the feeders eventhough the hunters have me pretty much blockaded in my home.

I didn't know Cardinals are raising babies in the fall! For Northern Mockingbird, I serve grapes. Have you ever seen a Mockingbird attack and redirect a squirrel? I loved it! I'm sure offica pup does it better...

November baby cardinals?????????????? I cannot imagine!

Great pics...

And I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.... I expect the wildlife is thanking you profusely!!!!

You truly live in Eden. Beautiful.

I just ordered several copies of Letters from Eden for holiday gifts - I intend to keep a copy for myself!

Yes, it is paradise there and you have such a loving and skilled hand, Julie.

A big hug to all and 2 hugs to Chet Baker.

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