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Halloween in Marietta, Part 2

Monday, November 2, 2009

I stood slack-jawed at the adorability: A baby skunk, doling out candy for the revelers, and almost bringing me to tears for the echoes of toddler Phoebe she conjured up.
Her mother confessed, "I keep weeping, she's so sweet, and she takes it all so seriously, making sure everyone gets a piece of candy."

I had to use flash on her, just to try to capture those apple cheeks. But oh, I love shooting without flash, and seeing what happens.
The images got progressively spookier as it got darker.
something about the blur makes Liam look like a toddler...going back in time, as Phoebe morphs into the real Hobbes, or Krazy Kat...
They meet up with their wonderful Granny and GeePop, who always put on the dog for trick-or-treaters, with the scarily realistic and locally famous Witch of Warren Street taking over for Elsa as GeePop plays spooky arpeggios on the organ just inside the parlor.
A zomb0-lantern
My favorite jack-o-lantern of the night. His wife says he always carves the same one, every year, and she's tired of it. I'm not! I made sure he knew that I thought it was brilliant. It's so...hopeless.

Our jack-o-lanterns at home. Liam's design, Bill's pig, and Phoebe and my zombie hamster.
Counting out the loot with cousin Gus.

Now that's scary!

I'll leave you with some of my favorite captures from Halloween night.
You had to go up on this porch and get your candy corn. There was nobody there, just the house's eyes staring out at you. Eeeee!

I loved this cat on this porch, and I caught Liam in the porch light.

And then something really weird happened, and Liam became something Other, something slumping off Goon Island.

It was a magical night. And it smelled so delicious.


Love your Halloween posts--my girls are in college now and I really miss all the Halloween fun we had when they were younger. I'm glad I took lots of pictures and I'll always cherish those memories!

Wow, people there really decorate! Wish it was like that around here, something magical about all those old porches lit up and decorated makes me fall in love with them. Got to say though, the first pumpkin looks like Jesus to me.

I called my older son over to the desk when he got home from college today 'just want you to see something'. A pic from your earlier post and as soon as I opened it, he shouted 'Calvin and Hobbes! That's AWESOME!!!'

Great pumpkin-carving by the home team! Glad you got the children into town where the getting's so good. Also to find a wider audience for the fine costumes -- Calvin and Hobbes! But stuff is missing here. Did you and Bill dress up as parents? And Chet?

Posted by Nick from Ottawa November 2, 2009 at 8:59 PM

I thought it looked like Che Guevara. Then again, I always thought Che Guevara looked like Jesus.

Good job on the punkins! I don't have the knack AT ALL.

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