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Liam is Ten!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy birthday, happy TENTH birthday, my fine, sweet boy, who loves lilacs and all things that smell

who loves bones and bison

and checking bluebird boxes

and all things mysterious

who loves his sister Phoebe

and pawpaws

but persimmons, not so much

baseball, same deal

who loves trains

Chet Baker

hot springs


Harry Potter


making people laugh

his daddy

and his mommy too.

You are the most wonderful boy we could ever hope for and we are looking forward to seeing you become a wonderful man. That doesn't mean you have to go away, although, being a boy of great passion, you probably will.


Happy, happy birthday Liam! Hope you got everything you wanted (plus surprises) for your birthday. 10 is an ossum age, enjoy every minute.
Wendi & Fiona

Posted by Anonymous November 8, 2009 at 1:35 PM

Happy Birthday Liam. You are in double digits now. Whoooo hoooooo....

Happy, Happy Birthday Liam! I feel as if I know you, and I think that you're a pretty terrific guy. Much happiness to you on your day and in the coming year!

Happy Birthday beautiful boy!

(I have heard that the soul picks the parents....good job!)

Happy, happy birthday, Liam! I know it will be a wonderful year!

Happy, happy birthday, Liam! All the northerners (Zoey, Vivi and me) wish you a great year.

Did you know you share a birthday with my niece from Marietta? What an auspicious day.

Happy Birthday Liam. Wishing you much happiness and many adventures in the year ahead!!

Posted by Anonymous November 8, 2009 at 7:03 PM

Happy Birthday Liam! Hope you had a great, great day. 10 is a magical year with lots of great adventures. Get ready!!!

10 is GOOOOOD! 59, ehh, not so much.

Happy Birthday, Little Man!

Happiest of Birthdays to you, Liam! 10 is a big deal!

Awww... Happy Birthday to Liam! TEN? WOW!

Happy Belated Birthday Liam!!

May the great Bison spirits watch over and guide you to great adventures this next year!

Have really enjoyed your blog lately, Julie. The last time I saw you Liam was just a baby and you had to leave your Swinging Orangutangs gig to take care of him. Wow, that 10 years went fast!

I'm so glad Mumbah, Colo and I got to meet and your family on your birthday weekend!

Posted by Sue Roberts November 9, 2009 at 1:39 PM

Hey, Liam, happy birthday! You're my favorite guy-I-haven't-yet-met!

Yes, Liam, ten is wonderful.
But hang onto all these great memories. With each year's passing, they become even more valuable.
Add to them something very special this year, because, being ten is its own wonder.

Happy Birthday Liam! You have grown before our eyes and yet you still have so far to go! I have faith that you will do as many great things as your mom, and maybe even more!

Will you please wish Liam a Happy Birthday even if I'm late?

Liam is the kind of boy we want our daughters to love.

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