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Pictographs and Hoodoos

Monday, November 30, 2009

One of the campsites along Montana's Missouri River where we stayed was also one that Lewis and Clark had used on their epic exploration of the West. I like to think that they also gazed on the canyon and explored the pictographs on its smooth rock walls.
They do beg to be written upon.
And there were graceful horses, shot with bullet holes by later, less gracious intruders.

This one, with a rider and a flowing tail.

I don't know how old these pictographs are, but they are very old.

Above them, rock formations called hoodoos look down, guarding, watching.
A fitting phalanx of guardians for treasures so rare.


I love Hoodoos! We have them in Alberta as well, in the mountain ravines and around Drumheller..they're ancient, and possess their own sense of spirit...very eerie. Nice photos you took of them.
ps - your boxers must be very popular! I ordered two pairs, and they're on back order! Well done!

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