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Chet Baker, Curry Fan

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You have to bring lots of water and food when you're taking a five or six mile walk. I enjoy bringing something unconventional, such as this yummy chicken and vegetable curry I had made the night before. I like sitting on the ground in the middle of nowhere, eating something deliciously unlikely. Being on a hike is no excuse for deprivation. Ask my sister Barbara, who once fed me beef stroganoff by candlelight at a campsite in Saskatchewan. I still remember that.

And somebody agreed.

Mether, please share your lunch. I am your partner on this hike, and I would like some food, too.

Now, those of you who are grossed out by my letting Chet Baker use the same (disposable, biodegradable cornstarch) fork as I do might just want to go douse themselves in Purel. I actually believe in bacteria.

I was done, OK? And it was a photo-op, OK? And I would have done it even if it weren't a photo-op, 'cuz that's the way I roll.

(All photos by Shila Wilson).

Mmmm. Thank you, Mether. That is delicious.

I get very hengry when we walk so far. I appreciate your sharing. Curry is good.

And so are Shila's adzuki bean and rice chippies. I am controlling her with my brain. She will give me the chippy. It will levitate toward my mouth. (At this point, Baker is practically oinking. Boston terriers oink when they see something they want, be it chippy or chiptymunk.)

Chet Baker, best puppeh in the universe, you can share my fork any time. When I'm done with it.

All photos of JZ and Th' Bacon by Shila Wilson, my hiking buddy, mental health consultant, photography mentor, aura chiropractor, and friend. The Bacon is always ecstatic to see her because he knows we're going for a w-a-l-k.


BT + curry + beans = emissions?

Oh dear. That was the first thing I wondered about, too.

The second thing was, do you use a recipe when making curry, or just wing it?


Posted by Anonymous November 10, 2009 at 2:16 PM

I let my cats lick the ice cream or yogurt off my spoon while I am still using it. 'Cause that's the way I roll. Thanks for the Chet-fix.


Curry not only tastes great but the turmeric in it (probably the other ingredients as well) has a lot of health benefits. Eat up Chet!

It is the fact that we marinated in bacteria as youngsters that is keeping us so healthy now. Do we have asthma? We do not. Are we delicate? We are not. It's not how you roll, it's what you've rolled in. Lick on, Chetster!

Like littleorangeguy, my brain went there, too. It immediately made me think of a Thanksgiving trip long, long ago when our friends' dog got a hold of some turkey and the next day we were all stuck in the car with the dog for 6 hours. My nose still burns.

But Chet's too cute to produce noxious clouds, right?

As to the emissions that littleorangeguy refers to, can't you just blame those on Chet? JUST KIDDING!! That last photo is the most precious thing - Chet looks SOOOOO HAPPY. Him loves his mether so moish!

Umm, big dogs around here get to eat off my real fork even when I am still using it. Very bad doggie momma I am, but they are so cute and take it so delicately unlike when I feed them with my fingers!

How could anyone object to your sharing with Chet? He is so obviously polite and so obviously grateful (and adorable)!

Posted by Anonymous November 10, 2009 at 6:24 PM

He is unspeakably fine, not to mention discerning. And don't worry if he emits post-whatever treat you're serving -- you can always tap it to power the greenhouse.

Awesome...just awesome.

Posted by Anonymous November 10, 2009 at 7:27 PM

All the finest things in life, in one place.

Curry for Boston's? Chet's the BOMB!!!

Chet's just too cute. Who could refuse him.

Posted by Anonymous November 11, 2009 at 5:30 AM

Island Rider, I'm with you. My dogs would take my fingers off but didn't like to chomp on a fork. It was cute, but I'm a bit wiggly about the dog spit thing so I'd wait till after dinner.

Never tried forks with Sam. She takes food very delicately from my fingers. But then I mostly eat finger food anyway. Rice IS finger food, right?

I'd share a spoon with my dog any day! Their mouth's are cleaner than ours, even if they lick things unmentionable. Chet looks so grateful for his lunch and I am sure his mether doesn't mind the smells...much!

This post had my belly jiggling in laughter. Why are people so surprised that I share my spoons and forks with the girls? We use one spoon for three of us on ice cream Sundays. I believe in bacteria, too.

I'm still laughing. This is precious.

That's the way I roll too! Gorgeous expressions on the Baker's mug. Wow, some of those shots just make me absolutely want to jump into the Alice in Wonderland world and grab that pup and squeeeezzzeeeee! Oh!

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