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Threading the Needle with Bill of the Birds

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not only was the slot canyon spookily magical, but it offered some fabulous photo-ops.

There came a point where it narrowed down to a squeeze. Now the fun begins!

I often wish I were taller than I am. This was not one of those times.

The slot canyon narrowed down to a hole, blocked by a huge boulder. You had to crawl under the boulder to get through. It was tight. I was regretting the extra biscuits, but I made it.

Come on, Daddy! You can do it! I just did it!

Of course, Liam did it in seconds. Little snot. Then he climbed the wall just for fun.

Bill of the Birds examines his options. He don't much like that crawl-under thing.

Nick suggests climbing the wall a ways back and coming along the ledge instead. So Bill handed us his camera and binocs and went for it.

This was not an option I was wild about. The ledge kind of melted away in a Dali-esque drip as it neared the passage. Bill soon reaches a point where he can go neither up nor down, forward nor back. Oh, drat. You guys go on. I'll just stay and feed the burying beetles.

Back to Plan A. In order to squeeze through beneath the boulder, Bill has to wriggle on his back, like a sea otter. I went through on my hands and knees.

He's going to make it.
I think we should do this slot canyon hike every year. It will keep us honest when the Christmas cookies come around.

This post is dedicated to all the Little People out there. Sometimes we rule.

For those needing another Chet Baker fix, as well as a splendid photographic and video run-down of October 11's Big Sit from our tower, go visit Jim McCormac's excellent blog, Ohio Birds and Biodiversity. There is a picture of Chet there that will make you smooch your screen.


Smooch your screen? I don't know what you're talking about.

Fun! Where is this canyon?

Enjoyed Jim's post. I think Chet's got the right idea. Just wanna touch those soft floppy lips!

Love the photo of Bill going after the bird--natural selection?

Mmm. Slot canyons. Mmmm. I've only hiked Utah ones; didn't know Montana had some. Mmm.

Ayieee! I hope Bill's not claustrophobic? Looks like this could have been a bit harrowing. Glad all made it through safe and sound. Phew! Love this line: "The ledge kind of melted away in a Dali-esque drip..." Done did the Bacon kissin' over at Jim's blog...

Yipes. I don't think I could explore a slot canyon (especially after reading about the hiker who got trapped and was forced to amputate his own arm). You are much stronger than I am!

Glad you all did it. I held my breath for Bill. Not my cup of tea. It's the biscuit, thing, ya know?

Nope, no way, not going to happen.
I'll take the long way around or go back.

Not going under that thing, nope, nope and nope.
a) my knees wouldn't get me up that climb
b) I wouldn't fit
c) not stupid, dumb maybe, but not stupid.

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