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Me and My Shadow

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The most purely amazing things happened on that river. First and most important, Phoebe proved to be an apt and willing canoe steerer. Sternman. Whatever. She did a great job.
I found her most useful, because I was snapping away at birds the whole time, and I'd say, "Get me over there, Phee!" and she'd maneuver the canoe into the best position for photography, as you will see in ensuing posts.

Second, my bum right arm actually felt better after a whole day of paddling than before. Go figure. The rotational motion was soothing to it, and it felt better at the end of the trip than when we started. Way better. Obviously, not a rotator cuff injury--probably a ligament.

By the third day I felt well enough to sit in the power position in the stern, but I let us drift a lot when good wildlife hove into view. I wasn't as attentive to our course as was Phoebe the Mariner.

The Missouri is a photographer's dream, all clouds and sky and killer landscape, unexpected shapes and shadows. I'm bangin' away at a lark sparrow on a fencepost here.

I can't think of a better bonding experience than piloting a canoe down this magical river. Phee and I sang and talked and laughed and dozed and drifted, occasionally pulling alongside Bill and Liam's canoe to exchange snackies and observations, often dropping back and not minding being alone on that beautiful smooth expanse of water and reflected sky.

She is taller than I am, just not holding herself quite as straight as I am here. Wish I were still getting taller!

All photos in this post by Bill of the Birds. Thanks, honey. It's nice to have some photos of the Woman Behind the Curtain now and then.


I can feel the peace. And love. Phee the canoe pilot! I believe she'll be looking down and patting you on the head in a few years.

This is a wonderful post--in its place, the wide open river so lovely, taking the time to savor the journey, Phoebe your guide as you linger along, her strength, your healing.
I would hang this picture on my wall.
Every bit of it is good.

I can't wait to read the books Phoebe and Liam write about growing up with you and Bill. :c)

The picture of you and Phoebe captures a beautiful moment that the two of you will share for a life time. What an experience. I feel like I was on the river with you. Thank you.

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