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The Hotdog Brothers

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh, how I loved watching my boys, the Hotdog Brothers, working the river together. There was so much to see.
I love this shot.
And this one. Liam passed some of the time by drawing.

Liam proved a slightly intermittent paddler, but Bill was more than able to pilot the huge loaded canoe himself. It might have been nice to have a little more power in the bow, but he didn't complain. Phoebe and I needed to go full bore just to keep up with him. He's got guns under those sleeves.

Every once in awhile, a man needs to rest, however.

Liam was charged with making sure they didn't run aground. But the sun and trickling water worked their magic on him, too, and his head dropped lower and lower.

Soon he was sound asleep.

I cannot tell you how much he looks like my father here. How many times have I seen my dad in just this pose. Never in a canoe, mind you; he was an Iowa farm boy, wasn't much for water. But asleep, chin on chest, hands clasped? Oh yes.


Liam's pose reminds me of MY dad as well. I remember one of my very young nieces taking a look at Dad in this pose and (not knowing he was sleeping) said, "what him looking at". The family still finds this hilarious.
I've been loving your comments and photos of the canoe trip.

I love the story of this trip. Such sweet memories for you and yours.

Oh, I love that last photo. Having two sons of my own now 17 and 22, I miss little boys. I had the good luck to have to ferry 3 10 year old boys from a park to my sister's house for my nephew's party. I had a great time listening to them, they were hilarious. And I realized anew how fast the time goes. I miss having boys around, now that I've just got a house full of men. I don't need to tell you to treasure every moment. I know you do.

Awww--love it.

Very, very sweet Julie.

What a wonderful post! I'm not sure which is my favorite picture: the one of Liam showing Bill what he'd drawn, or sacked out like your dad. Don't you love it when family resemblances pop up? I treasure the photo I took 22 years ago of my then 2 year-old nephew Steve, his expression and gesture a perfect evocation of my late Uncle Charles.

I think that pose must be on the Y chromosome!

Resting in a canoe is one thing, sleeping is another.
It's always exciting to try rolling over in your sleep while in a canoe.
One way or another you are going to wake up fast.

Love the photos of Liam in his many stages of canoeing! I think he and I are kindred spirits.

Delightful post - thank you!

Perfect photos! and a perfect trip by the looks of it. I'm with Rondeau Ric though - don't roll over!

That's my dad too!

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