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What About Those Hamsters?

Monday, October 19, 2009

It is time for hamsters. Magnificent scenery has its place, but so do small furred rodents in this big old goofy world.

It’s not often that one gets to track a pet from conception, but our acquisition of two Chinese dwarf hamsters was a premeditated thing. Phoebe found an Ohio breeder on and began a correspondence. As a result, Kacie introduced Sage, her female CDH,

to Lil’ Man and a romance blossomed. Lil’ Man was obviously well-equipped to become a father. I would call him Lil' Big Man. What IS it with those rodents and their wedding tackle?

The hamsters were quite compatible and began sleeping together and it wasn’t too much more than a month before we got an excited email from Kacie with a picture of Sage looking, as she put it, like a furry ping-pong ball. The next day she was blessed with five pink squirmers.

Here they are on Day 3.

On Day 4, they looked like tenrecs. (hamster is facing left, fyi.)

By Day 9, they were looking more like rodents.

That is some seriously fast development, from what was basically an embryo to this in nine days!

Day 19. Proper cute and furry.

All hamster photos courtesy Kacie.

Although Phoebe started out as the hot and heavy hamster lover, when Liam found out there were five in the litter, he asked if he could have one. Of course, since Phoebe would be getting a female, he wanted a boy. Nuh-uhhhn. I explained that if there were going to be two hamsters in the house, they’d both have to be the same sex. There followed a discussion of the dangers of inbreeding. Liam got it before I had to invoke McKenzie Phillips and her Papa John.

I met Kacie in East Liverpool, which wasn’t far from West Liberty, WV, where I was working for the week. She was so sweet--she tried just to give me the hamsters, and this after breeding them special for us, and putting daily work into civilizing them, acclimating them to handling. Amazing. She brought all four girls along and let me pick. I picked two who seemed friendliest and didn’t nip me right off the bat.

After waiting since Easter, Phoebe was over the moon to finally be cradling her own CDH. She has named hers Vetiver. Liam was completely charmed. He's cuddling Verbena, his choice of a name.

Any misgivings I had about having two more creatures to care for dissolved as I watched my babies welcome their babies. I am all about encouraging tenderness in children, and there is nothing better for that than giving them little pets to care for. Well, now, a baby brother or sister is real good for that, but this mare's out to pasture.

And there was someone else who turned out to be very into hamsters, too. He was so into them, he couldn’t get to nothing else.

As I write, Chet Baker is shuttling from sunspot to shade, sunspot to shade. He's like a little black soapstone carving, radiating heat. There. I snuzzled him for you. Never fear, more Bacon adorability is just ahead.


Wow...those names! I had to look up Vetiver. Those apples shore don't fall far from the science chimp tree!

I was allowed to get a drugstore hamster when I was 12. Her incredibly unique name...Heather. Cinnamon and white with black eyes, she was incredibly tame. She would fall asleep in my pocket. Had her for going on 2 years until she caught a cold, and, well, you just didn't bring hamsters to vets back then. HEATHER! (she cries as she clutches her chest and runs from the room...)

Okay, mother-
Its, not Oobly or Boobly.
And thank you to WENDI MULVEY for the name of Liam's ham, Verbena.

These are so cute. Brings back many hamster memories.

Love the names. And I would buy that photo of Liam and Chet as a print and hang it on my wall.

You must be the coolest mother in the world. Ever consider adopion? ME for instance?

Does L'il Big Guy ALWAYS look like that or was he in a, umm, particular state? Holy smokes.

'Fraid that's his perpetual state and turgitude. Any mystery why we wanted sisters? I'll never forget walking into a grocery store in Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard, to see a young bohemian lady with dreadlocks and an emphatically male pet rat draped around her neck. Ehhh, I'm not in Kansas any more if they're letting rats into grocery stores. That thing should have been wearing pants.

At last! Finally I get to see the Famous Hamster Sisters! They are seriously cute. And everyone looks so delighted to have them. Sigh.

(thanks, Phoebe, for the credit!)

Posted by Anonymous October 20, 2009 at 3:21 PM

This reminds me of the gerbils we cranked out over a few years. Six here, five there, several dozen in a year or two. Yeah, Michael and Gina brought home a loving couple. The first litter was precious. After that it became a freak show.

Those hamstas are cute but not as cute as Bacon.

This comment has been removed by the author.

That tackle is a freak show! No wonder I drive a Subaru (or would, if I owned a car).


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