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The ToadPond

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It was supposed to be a fishpond, a water garden, but it's really a toadpond for the first couple of months of spring. No matter--we love toads around here, and we have more every year thanks to the breeding place we've made for them.

I can always tell it's spring when Phoebe goes around wearing toad jewelry--rings and bracelets of horny male American toads, amplexing her for all they're worth. Or would that be horny American male toads, or male horny American toads? I do not know.                                                 

I love redheads. You got a pretty mouth on you. Mmmf!  You look very very pretty tonight. Erp!

Urgg. This guy is such a TOAD.
Phoebe spends many hours playing with the toads, trilling to start them singing, staring into the depths of the pond, tickling the shubunkins and listening to the trickling fountain. I spent hours like that as a kid, too, but I never had a water garden, or living amphibian jewelry. We always want more for our kids than we had ourselves.

I am grateful to have a daughter, red-headed, limber elf, who finds the same things funny and beautiful as do I. It is hard to resist telling her absolutely everything, because she feels like my best friend.


I read a graphic novel last night with a redheaded heroine--Gunnerkrigg Court (if Phoebe googles it, she can read it online)--that made me think of your lovely girl. Redheaded heroines often do. She's a striking young lady, growing more beautiful every day. Do the toads ever bring her back her golden ball, like the princess in the story (or the Peter Gabriel song)?

Ah, what young lady can resist an amphibian? I can't...

"amplexing" -- I love toads too, but never knew that word before and had to look it up -- so why do toads/frogs get their very own word for lovemaking?!
Anyway, one question for you JZ -- did you score 800 on the SAT verbal section? (gotta believe you were darn close!)

Well, it's hardly lovemaking as I see it--it's more a desperate clench of a male hoping to be there to release his sperm when she finally lays eggs. The durn things will cling to anything that holds still. If a male gets clung to, he'll give a little nerp nerp nerp call that causes the Lothario to release and go look for a girl.

750, actually, and please don't ask about the math score, because it doesn't match up. The Science Chimp dabbles only in sciences that don't require math.

Mothers and daughters, natural friends. She's so lovely in person! I'm glad she's fond of toads - we have something in common :o)

750, hmmmm. No surprise there.

My favourite line from "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" --"We THOUGHT you was a TOAD!"

You two are very lucky. But I bet you know that.

My word verificaton: joidogto -- Chet's new exercise regime?

Yes, you are lucky to have each other.
But it seems you may have to arm wrestle her for some girl talk.

Has she tried to kiss any yet?

Julie--lucky you to have a daughter who feels like your best friend. The really good news is--it lasts. My daughter is now 27, and is still my best friend.

I wish we could attract toads to our pond! Ours seems like the popular place for the Blue Heron to eat all the hubby's fish! LOL!
Your daughter is beautiful and how wonderful to share this connection with her. My stepson has begun to develop a love of birds and this has bonded us even closer.

Zoey gives me that exact same look!

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