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Chet Baker, Birdwatcher, Deerchaser

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chet Baker has had some pretty extraordinary encounters with wildlife, and we owe species #183 for our property list to him--a Virginia rail that he found and flushed in our backyard last October 19, 2008.

He takes notice of birds, and when he was a pup he used to watch and try to chase turkey vultures that swooped low over the yard, even jumping up to see if he could touch one!

Now, I watch him on our hikes, and I enjoy trying to get photos of him birdwatching. On an early spring hike, we heard a male cardinal singing very loudly at the top of a bare tree. Chet headed right over.

He circled the base of the trunk, trying to get a better vantage point.

The cardinal was equally curious, watching this funny pied animal, watching him.

I like a dog who notices birds.

But then, I like this dog anyway.

A much more typical Baker encounter with wildlife is his morning deer chase. I know a lot of people hate to see dogs running deer, but Chet runs deer in a most civilized way. When he first wakes up, he goes to the patio window to see if he can spot any deer in the meadow. There usually are some, but he can't see them until they move or flick their white tails. Then he moans and cries until someone lets him out.

You again. You little black nuisance, you.

Chet streaks out the path like a black bullet, sometimes tumbling head over heels in his haste. That dog can MOVE.

The deer flip up their tails and lope toward the woods.

Baker slams on the brakes. He don't like prickers, so he gives up the moment the deer enter the brambles. He gives a ferocious rrrowwf! as he gives them the bum's rush.

But he always stops to show them who the Boss of #1 is.


Told ya them dawgs is hyper.


Gosh, your family has a birding dog too!? Such a wonderful part in your family.

Hehe, he's such a wonderful dog!

I love the leg lifting photo. He got the last word :o)

That was fun! Chet was such a great companion--or birder--or deer chaser--or, better yet, entertainer.

I wish I could train our new puppy to be a birdwatcher!

My dogs have a big case of envy. Your Chet is having a lot of fun with the deer!

Posted by Kathleen May 4, 2009 at 6:12 AM

Yep, they's hyper alright.

I'm with Mary (and anyone else who loves that last shot).
Take that, you silly white-tailed creature!

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