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Chet Baker, Birdwatcher

Monday, May 4, 2009

Chet Baker. What are you doing standing up against the birch tree? Do you have a squirtle up there?
Mether, you know there are not nearly enough squirtles around here for me to be lucky enough to have one up this tree. There is something else up here that intrigues me.

Well, Chet, there is a goldfinch singing very loudly at the top of the birch. Is that what you're wondering about?

You say it is a goldfinch? It has a very loud song, and I am curious about it. I would like to get a closer look at it.

These are the times I wish a Boston terrier could climb. I can run and jump very well, but climbing is hard for me. I do not have the right kind of hands.

Oh, how I would like to see the bird that is making that song.

Finally! Now I see him. All that noise from such a small small bird. Hummm.

Chet Baker, now you can add American goldfinch to your life list. Just one more reason to call you Little Cat Dog.

Bill, Phoebe, Liam, Chet Baker and I got back from the New River Birding and Nature Festival in Fayetteville, WV, last evening. We had the most wonderful time. We're overflowing with love for our friends, many of whom we knew but had never hugged before! I promise to get to my photos today, to try to encapsulate the experience in something resembling a cogent blog post. For his part, Birdwatching Chet Baker stole about four dozen hearts and was treated like the rock star he is by almost everyone except Geoff Heeter, who has the audacity to talk to him as if he were an ordinary dog, or something less than a hairy demigod. More on that later.


Chet Baker, come here. Toronto is full of squirtles. We need you.

That's one talented (not to mention adorable) little demigod.

I am so glad you all had a wonderful time. I am still green with envy.

*still wiping Chet spit off my gums*
Oh, Julie. What a time we had, huh?

Word Verification: pringli... in "I still feel all pringli about my trip"

All he needs are some doggie binocs Julie! :c)

Mr. Baker is free to visit with us here in SWGA where squirtles abound and bedevil us by eating our fancy bird seed. Not even the cardinals can complete. So, consider yourself invited, Mr. Baker. Do remember to bring your loving mether and the brood. Y'all come

I am proud to say, sigh, that in the world of Kevin Bacon - I now have ZERO DEGREES separation from Chet Baker and have been French-kissed more times in three days then the sum total of my 48 years. Ya know, I knew there was something wrong with that Heeter feller - I couldn't put my finger on it. Now I know! Note to Geoff Heeter: Chet Baker Rules!!!

Chet IS a really good kisser. One man who came to our house to bring me a broken bird got an enthusiastic greeting from The Bacon when he knelt down to say hello. He got up with a stunned look on his face and said, "He kisses like a human! Puts suction on it!"

Happy Mether's day:)

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